Does our taste in scents change with the change?

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It’s a funny thing. I used to adore woody, spicy, leathery scents laced with dirty old patchouli. But since the menopause, I’ve gone lighter and – whisper it – floral – says Vicci Bentley. Am I getting frilly in my dotage? If I am, I’m not alone – friends keep mentioning this is happening toRead more

Old news and old friends….


For the last few weeks the exterior of That’s Not My Age Mansions has been having a facelift. Painters on the scaffolding outside the windows at 8am, dressing gown at the ready at all times. And I have literally been all over the place. Dislodged. Not conducive to book-writing but nothing really when you considerRead more

Perfect weather for a neckerchief


  Like a cowboy (or Garance Doré) I’m partial to wearing a scarf neckerchief-style. Having the point at the front and the knot at the back is a neat way to get round the windchill factor. And knitwear designer  Jo Gordon’s  woolly neckerchief is my new favourite thing; here it is ‘boy scout’ style… And featured in Italian VogueRead more

More thoughts on Chic Not Shouty bags


I did get excited about a designer handbag once. It was six years ago, when I met Jane Birkin . This was at Vogue Fashion’s Night Out, where we chatted for 15-minutes – and she didn’t call security. We talked mainly about her work as a campaigner on social issues and Aung San Suu Kyi, who was still underRead more

Using Tinder when you’re not 20


I’m on Tinder. It’s a dating app and it’s not just for sex anymore, so I’m assured but I really wouldn’t know; says Elaine Kingett. Quite a few young friends have met long term partners this way and yes, there are a lot of older men to swipe through. Though it does bring out theRead more

Belts are back!

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  As a fan of Casual Glamour with a predominantly pared-down wardrobe, I’m always looking for an accessory or eye-catching detail to boost the basics. Perk things up a bit. My everyday (meaning I wear it practically everyday)  khaki jumpsuit is big, baggy and a bit breezy now we’ve finally moved into autumn. I’ve been meaning to have aRead more

Are we all winging it?


A friend of mine gave me some brilliant advice, the other day, instead of putting pressure on ourselves to be perfect at work, at home, at everything;  being ‘good enough’, is good enough. Modern life means we’re all permanently stretched, constantly connected and totally wired. (Thank you Mark E Smith). Apparently, the ‘good enough’ lifeRead more

Going to an exhibition and giving the brain a rest


Did you hear Christiane Amanpour on Desert Island Discs? (Brilliant – and still available to listen to,  HERE ). The former war correspondent, now CNN anchor and chief international correspondent was talking about balancing work and life. When work involved reporting from a war zone: taking holidays, surrounding herself with love and giving her brain aRead more

Cut the Crop: long hair forever


  I had my hair cut properly yesterday, in a very cool salon, in central London; a rare occurrence but it was a birthday present from my son, says Elaine Kingett.  I hate all that faffing around with products and implements. It’s one of the reasons my hair is long – I’m a low-maintenance womanRead more

Getting sorted: my wardrobe workout with a style consultant

style consultant_9695

As research for my new book (or what I’m now referring to as the Difficult Second Album) and part of a more general desire to sort my shit out, I did something I’ve never done before. Arrange a Wardrobe Management session with a style consultant. I’m continually assessing and refining my wardrobe – not inRead more