How to wear army green (or my new favourite colour combination)

Violetta Sanchez-Other-Stories-18-560x785

Serendipity. There I was thinking about different ways to wear army green when up popped Violeta Sanchez the actress, model and former Yves Saint Laurent muse in this lovely colour combination. Sanchez worked with Yves Saint Laurent and Helmut Newton in the late seventies and eighties and I spotted this picture of her as I whizzed throughRead more

Don’t call me a gran bod


I was hoping if I ignored the term ‘gran bod’ it might go away. But no. The dad bod bandwagon-jumping label keeps pinging into my inbox. This weekend: The Top 10 Gran Bods starring Helen Mirren, Madonna and Elle (The Gran Body) Macpherson. Basically, a list of women over-50, rated on how they look in swimwear. HowRead more

Win £200 to spend at East

east_tunic 1131491290667724

Bohemian fashion brand East is offering one lucky That’s Not My Age reader the chance to win a voucher worth £200 to spend. I know, I’m spoiling you. Thank me later. I popped into East’s Covent Garden store on a recce yesterday and there are loads of lovely things. Hand embroidered cottons and silks, kaftans, kimonos, dresses,Read more

Helen Mirren at 70


‘Your 40s are good. Your 50s are great. Your 60s are fab. And 70 is fucking awesome.’ So says Helen Mirren, who will be 70 on Sunday. We all know growing old is not for cissies but at least Mirren makes it look like fun. The Guardian asked me to write a piece on whatRead more

Scarf tutorial: four ways to get knotted


How about that for scarf action? I’m stupidly excited about this GIF, simple things and all that. Fenwick asked me to run through my four favourite scarf styles for summer, you can see the others HERE.

Finding the perfect pair of jeans

Alyson Walsh;;

Not too skinny, not too baggy-saggy-boyfriend-style, with a comfy mid-rise and a slightly cropped leg – I think I’ve found the perfect pair of summer jeans. As J Brand are one of the top everyday denim brands listed in my book Style Forever , I was pleased to discover the Ellis Crop. On sale (now half priceRead more

The summer kimono

Uniqlo yukata

These lovely yukata or summer kimonos from Uniqlo make brilliant dressing gowns (make that all-day lounging gowns, if like me, you’ve just come back from holiday and have forgotten how to dress properly) and can also be worn Catherine Baba-style layered over a simple black outfit. Or on a bike. If you like… I’m off to recalibrate my wardrobe. The cottonRead more

Daphne Selfe: The Way We Wore

Daphne Selfe-15a82f82267d-1

While I recover from Beach Brain, here are some fabulous photos of Daphne Selfe. The 87-year-old model has written a book The Way We Wore about her ‘life in clothes’ (a memoir based on her diaries) and it’s out now. Having worked with Daphne as a fashion editor, I can vouch for her wonderful, enthusiastic attitude  – and brilliantRead more

You’re never too old for a bikini (and other swimwear advice)


I’m on holiday, I’m over-50 and I’m wearing a bikini. My body isn’t ‘beach perfect’ or ‘bikini ready’ or whatever. I’m pear-shaped with a long torso and a ring of middle-aged blubber. I just feel more comfortable in a two-piece. And I’m not alone. There are loads of women of different ages, shapes and sizesRead more

Wearing stripes, Bridget Riley and the seaside

Bridget Riley 1960s

Bridget Riley loves a good stripe. The 84-year-old Op Artist has been using them in her eye-popping artwork for over 50 years. My parallel-line loving history follows a similar timeline. Having grown-up in a seaside town surrounded by deck chairs, sticks of rock, ridges in the sand, I’ve always been partial to a linear pattern. So, IRead more