More ways to wear khaki green

J Crew khaki trench_GR7436_m

  I’ve gone khaki crazy. Or is it olive, forest, army green? Some people are calling it ‘herb’ but that’s a bit lazy – which one? It’s definitely more parsley than sage. The many shades of military are a good way to manouevre into autumn. This is the new neutral. The colour of the season,Read more

Best film of the summer: 45 Years


Charlotte Rampling and Tom Courtenay are both superb in 45 Years. Another great film about grown-ups – one of the best I’ve seen for a long time – with two of the finest British actors. The film depicts a week in the life of married couple, Kate and Geoff, about to celebrate their 45th weddingRead more

A fabulously fashionable new range of greetings cards


Fashion illustrator Niki Groom who goes under the name of Miss Magpie Fashion Spy has recently launched a set of greetings cards. ‘My Mum was very involved with the Senior Moments card,’ Niki told me, ‘ We brainstormed for ages to get the right wording so she’d be happy to send it to all herRead more

Mammograms, menopause and stuff


Yesterday, I had my first mammogram test. That Is My Age. Now that I’m over-50, I will have one every three years until I’m 73 (after which, it’s down to me to make the appointment). I LOVE the NHS and realise how fortunate I am to be offered this regular, life-saving, breast screening. For theRead more

How to wear monochrome


What’s black and white and worn all over? The grown-up, transitional wardrobe. Whether monochrome comes with a modern bohemian twist a la Linda Fargo , is more urban avant garde as Lyn from Accidental Icon consistently demonstrates, or goes classic Costanza Pascolato; this harmonious combination looks contemporary and chic. Life in black and white, is simple, striking and perennially stylish. OverRead more

A note on age-appropriate style


This week, I was asked what I thought of the label ‘age appropriate.’ Obviously, I said this kind of tired terminology (age-appropriate, anti-ageing) is redundant today.  Age-appropriate is inappropriate. We need to talk about ageing in a more positive way. So, when I picked up the Guardian this morning and read the How I get ready column featuring novelist KathyRead more

The oldest PhD student in the world (aged 102)

Ingeborg Rapoport-germany-nazi-doctorate-11a_f2c28b2e9643af3f258f40864554b9b1.nbcnews-ux-2880-1000

I heard the most incredible story on the radio, yesterday. At 102, Ingeborg Rapoport is the oldest person in the world to be awarded a PhD  – she was talking about her experience to one of my favourite broadcast journalists, Eddie Mair. As a student in Nazi Germany, Rapoport (née Syllm) submitted her thesis inRead more

In praise of the pointed flat

J Crew pointed flat_RD6100_d1

One of my Birkenstocks has died. After limping around sadly for a while, it’s now decomposing somewhere behind the sofa. Instagram followers will be relieved to know that they won’t be seeing another ‘view from the top’ post of my black leather two-strap Arizonas, anytime soon. In a way this is good news, I’ve been concernedRead more

Style Forever: Yasmin le Bon for Winser London


I like that Yasmin le Bon continues to be the face of Winser London. I like that the British brand produces core style staples season after season. Or as Kim Winsers points out during our interview, ‘Not silly clothes, not fashion. This is proper investment dressing in every sense.’ When it comes to grownup style, KimRead more

Thank You!

ready-to-write_thank you card-ac70ef0f4b38_1024x1024

The best thing about writing a book has been the lovely feedback I’ve received from the readers and followers of this site. Do excuse my tardiness, I’ve been meaning to say this for a while: thank you. Emails, tweets, online comments, proper handwritten fan mail – one of my friends even tells me her 86-year-oldRead more