We’ll Always Have Paris: an author’s French Style Fail

Emma Beddington, credit Natalie Hill

‘We’ll Always Have Paris‘ is the ace, new book by Emma Beddington the author of the brilliant Belgian Waffling blog; it’s a wry, poignant and informative memoir – I’ve learnt a lot about French literature and cakes. Here Emma talks about realising her dream of living in Paris and the accompanying French Style Fail: My name isRead more

How to wear cropped flare jeans

Alyson Walsh; That's Not My Age;

Not a Charlie Perfume ad minus the vitality but an excuse to show off my kick flare jeans. Engaging in a little DIY action over the Bank Holiday weekend, I took a pair of scissors and lopped a couple of inches off a pair of old Gap flared jeans. Et voila. Instant update. To beRead more

Currently listening to: Charles Bradley


There was a brilliant song playing in a local shop, yesterday. And not being a Shazam-r, I asked the assistant what it was. Actually spoke to someone, like in the olden days. Turns out it was Charles Bradley. The 67-year-old former James Brown impersonator who has achieved success in his seventh decade. Funnily enough, I’dRead more

Back to base: the best foundations for older skin

Tanya, Mrs Robinson

Are bare foundations enough for older skin? – asks beauty journalist Vicci Bentley. Skin now has to look ‘polished’, ‘buffed’, ‘sparkling’ – undressed to reveal your inner glow. That’s if you have one, of course. For most of us with a few decades under our belt, skin and radiance rarely exist in the same sentence,Read more

The grown-up style tribes

older model, jeans

I’ve always been fascinated by Style Tribes; from the punks of my teenage years to the women of Advanced Style. I do think it’s human nature to identify with others – with people who dress alike, appreciate the same things and have similar attitudes and beliefs – whatever your age. ‘The Grown-up Style Tribes’ isRead more

Clog Lovin’


With 1970s-inspired fashion still swinging its loon pants this season (and next), it’s no surprise that foot-stomping shoes are making a resurgence. Rather than wobbling around in precariously high platforms or taking the safer option of the “royal tour” wedge, my footwear of choice is currently the wooden sole clog. Originally worn as protective footwearRead more

The Queen at 90


It can’t be easy being the Queen. I don’t mean all those big houses to look after, giving the Christmas speech or having Prince Charles for a son; but sticking to a formal dress code for over 60 years. As the designer Hardy Amies said, ‘ I do not dress the Queen. The Queen dressesRead more

Caryn Franklin talks menopause

Caryn Franklin

Caryn Franklin has written a brilliant, positive piece on the menopause for Refinery 29. Describing the unique physical and mental affects of what she calls ‘a mind-blowing midlife recalibration – one with a valuable message of growth and expansion,’ the esteemed fashion journalist/activist/broadcaster explains how she addressed her work-life balance by focusing on personal strengthsRead more

Meet the Queen of Pilates: Lynne Robinson

Lynne Robinson; Pilates Control Founder;

Compared to Lynne Robinson, I’m a bit of a Johnny-come-lately when it comes to Pilates. It’s been about five years since I did my back in, lifting without bending my knees, and discovered that Pilates is the new clubbing. Together with blogging, it’s one of the best ways to meet like-minded people of a certainRead more

Talking Ageless Style at Bath in Fashion

hobbs_suede coat761282321-1

The sandy colour of this gorgeous suede coat reminds me of the beautiful limestone buildings in Bath. No doubt I’ll be Instagramming the heck out of the Royal Crescent when I’m there next week. Expect a golden glow to shine across my Insta account . On Thursday, I’ll be talking about Ageless Style, running through my favourite pieces from the HobbsRead more