Quotes on age and style

When I said I’d finished the final chapter of my book, I didn’t realise how much work there was still to do. Writing the intro was excruciating, actually writing every chapter was excruciating but I knew I had to get the opening pages right. To really nail it. So much to say, such a smallRead more

Iris Apfel for &otherstories

  Some collaborations are just so right; like Ari Seth Cohen’s photos of Iris Apfel for Danish brand &otherstories . I clocked the fantastic, geometric patterned coat in-store this week, before I’d seen the campaign, and now I know it’s got the Apfel seal of approval I’ll be going back for a second glance. Iris, the Albert Maysles documentaryRead more

Let’s reclaim the word ‘old’ says Prof Mary Beard

  Photo: Sunday Times I was once, rather ridiculously, told by M&S magazine (RIP) that I couldn’t use the word ‘older’ in a feature I was writing about age. I know, it makes no sense. So, hooray then for Cambridge University classicist Mary Beard who told the Cheltenham Literary Festival this week: ‘I’m really tryingRead more

Inspirational women: 100 Leading Ladies by Nancy Honey

  Wendy Dagworthy Nancy Honey’s portraits of 100 Leading Ladies is a brilliant reason to visit Somerset House. Not that I ever need a reason to visit one of London’s finest buildings (with the obligatory pit stop for coffee at Fernandez & Wells). The award-winning photographer  – who sold her house to fund this projectRead more

All Ages, No Style.

I’ve told you what I think about the Guardian’s All Ages fashion spread before: here and here . The dreadful hair & make-up, the ill-fitting clothes, the ‘just escaped from the care home’ vibe. Very little thought or attention being paid to the specific needs of older models. These days I tend to ignore the fashion and goRead more

Young Fogeys

That’s Not My Age was gnawing on a posh pizza at Latitude Festival last week, when along came a bunch of dandy young men. It was Noah & The Whale. How nice to see the young fogey look back in fashion I thought to myself. I do like a pair of smart trousers, a cravatRead more

Advanced Style

Woo hoo! Last night, That’s Not My Age met Ari Seth Cohen the genius behind the Advanced Style blog. And, let me tell you I was giddy with excitement – a feature on Advanced Style in The Guardian a couple of years back, is what inspired me to start blogging in the first place, so this reallyRead more

Quote of the week: Mamy Rock

The 69-year old DJ and That’s Not My Age regular, who says, ‘I’d rather sign a contract with a record company than sign-up for a nursing home,’ is playing at my next big birthday party, alright? What do you think’s on Mamy Rock’s playlist? PS Thanks to Advanced Style for drawing my attention to the fabulous photoRead more

All ages?

As you know, That’s Not My Age is a champion of fashion for the over-forties – I can happily look at older models with wrinkles, grey hair and bunions, all day long. Except when it comes to the All Ages fashion line-up in The Guardian weekend magazine. I know I’ve said this before but IRead more