Grey hair, very slowly getting there

All the blues and greys. J’adore the new Lanvin campaign featuring Stella Tennant and photographed by Paolo Roversi. A penchant for pyjama-rama-style is easy to cultivate when you work from home. But enough about Lanvin, let’s talk about grey hair. Stella Tennant’s is a work in progress and for the last couple of years I’ve been toying and fro-ingRead more

Cut the Crop: long hair forever

  I had my hair cut properly yesterday, in a very cool salon, in central London; a rare occurrence but it was a birthday present from my son, says Elaine Kingett.  I hate all that faffing around with products and implements. It’s one of the reasons my hair is long – I’m a low-maintenance womanRead more

Inspirational Women – Caryn Franklin

Caryn Franklin says she loves being one of fashion’s tribal elders. The former magazine editor, BBC presenter, co-founder of All Walks Beyond the Catwalk and MSc student (currently studying applied psychology in fashion at London College of Fashion) is an inspirational woman and style heroine of mine. I’ve been lucky enough to work with herRead more

Grey-Haired Heroines

Ten days maybe a long time in politics but it’s nothing when you’re transitioning. Just ask Caitlyn Jenner. The toner used by Charles Worthington to give my hair more of a silvery sheen was only temporary, and so now I’m back to Gronde (grey-blonde). Though I’m still happy with the overall, more natural effect andRead more

Going Grey for the Guardian

  This is what real #grannyhair looks like at 7.30pm on a grey Friday evening, after a long week at work. With no makeup and no daylight. The ironic hashtag used by young celebs and models isn’t the same when you’re over-50 and contemplating the change (of hair colour). And I thought my new passportRead more

Older models: Eveline Hall

Photo: Urban Zintel Photography Having worked as a ballerina, an actress and a Las Vegas showgirl, Eveline Hall was in her mid sixties when she started modelling. I noticed this week that the French brand American Vintage has used her in their latest ad campaign. Which is good news, it’s just a shame they’ve dressed her inRead more

I love Kinfolk: The Aged Issue

If That’s Not My Age was a magazine, I’d want to be just like Kinfolk’s The Aged Issue. Beautifully designed and curated, with a lovely shoot called The Grace of Grey. The intro to which sums up my feelings exactly: ‘Ageing is happening and you can’t stop it. You can however change your perspective toward itRead more

Style at any age and the Mirror Mirror conference

That’s me looking pensive, in an autumn sweater. This weekend is all about preparing for the Mirror Mirror conference – my talk about fashion, ageing and culture with Ari Seth Cohen on Tuesday evening. At London College of Fashion. It’s going to be fun. We have some surprises lined up and have decided to turn it into aRead more

Grey Pride

Kristen McMenamy photo: Is grey hair having a fashion moment? Pinterest is a patchwork of gorgeous white-haired women, Fabulous 80-year-old Fashionistas are being championed on TV and my latest blog post for Boden  is all about grey pride. How after years of dyeing my Mallen Streak, I decided to stay au naturel (sort of, if you exclude the blonde highlights. These things take time!)Read more

Style at any age: this week’s round-up

Today I discovered a quick cure for jet-lag: just ask your neighbours to have a new kitchen fitted at 8am, the morning after a transatlantic flight. Works a treat. Which reminds me. Standing at the carousel at Heathrow last night, I spotted a woman with a gorgeous grey plait. It was Kristen McMenamy. The 48-year-oldRead more