Street Style Forever at London Fashion Week

What were the grown-ups wearing at London Fashion Week? The all-important, run-around shoe ranged from statement flats and sneakers to au courant kitten-heels . Wardrobe Glue was livened up by a floral print or a flash of gingham – the everyday basics always look better when they’re whooped up . And outerwear came down to colourful jackets , coats and practical macs . All key whenRead more

Statement Shirts worth splashing out on

Apart from the Palmer//Harding shirts, I wasn’t sure about Modern Rarity ( John Lewis’ collection of luxury basics), at first. The name was a bit of a mouthful, the colour palette a bit beige, the overall effect a bit underwhelming. But for spring/summer this premium collection feels stronger – more navy blue and more shirty-ness from Palmer//Harding helps. There’s aRead more

Hot Flush Fashion – are we supposed to dress a certain way during menopause?

I hate all those style rules. That’s what I told the Telegraph when they asked me for advice on ‘navigating fashion through the menopause.’ Style is an individual thing. It’s not about dressing your age, it’s about dressing for your body shape. And being comfortable. Yes, body shape changes around the menopause – mine has,Read more

Insta-style grows up! And more khaki malarkey

The Telegraph’s Stella magazine has a feature on ‘The grown-up Instagram style stars you need to know’ the ‘over-35 Instagram stars blazing a trail for our generation,’ and I’m dead chuffed to be included. Particularly as I still find the idea of having my photo taken excruciating; I must be the most self-conscious Selfie-taker onRead more

M&S get it right

Feels like M&S is finally getting its act together. The British brand surprised the fashion world this week by launching its autumn 2016 collection with an immediately available, chic capsule range ‘The Big Easy’. I had a good look at the collection yesterday: I wouldn’t buy the Alexa Chung stuff, but I would buy this.Read more

Fabsters – fabulous women aged 50 and beyond

  Wear something colourful and spring-like came the edict from Sainsbury’s magazine when they asked me to organise a shoot focusing on fabulous women aged Fifty And Beyond. Or what I refer to as FABsters; a word coined in my book Style Forever as a positive way to describe our powerful and brilliantly stylish demographic. We areRead more

50-plus fashion week

When the invite for the first 50+ fashion show pings into my inbox, I feel perplexed. Having championed mature models and grown-up style for many years, there’s something about this kind of labelling that irks. I don’t want to be segregated because of my age. I want nice clothes and I want to see womenRead more

Best fashion bloggers over-50

Whoop. I’ve been named as one of the most stylish bloggers over-50 by the fashion website Who What Wear. And I’m dead chuffed about that. The feature covers different age groups, from 20s to 60s (why stop there?), and, as I started That’s Not My Age eight years ago, I like that it highlights the significance of olderRead more

Style inspiration from New York

Now seems like a good time to post more lovely photos from the Style Forever New York launch party. Taken by Denton Taylor, the pictures show some of New York’s finest and I’m delighted they could attend. At the top, interiors stylist and author Hilary Robertson who helped make the party happen by introducing me to Michele Varian and her amazing store. IRead more

Creative women at work: knitwear designer Jo Gordon

The best part of writing Style Forever was interviewing all the industry experts and Inspirational Women. And for a while now I’ve been thinking I should continue this series on That’s Not My Age. Here’s the first in what I hope (time permitting) will become a regular feature: Knitwear designer Jo Gordon is about toRead more