Style Forever New York Party

Don’t be fooled by this photograph of me and Accidental Icon Lyn Slater stylin’ it out in black and white, the New York launch party was a FABulously colourful affair. Lots of wonderful guests turned up to celebrate Style Forever , it was lovely to see Carol and Richard Markel again; Richard was dapper-as-ever in emerald green and blueRead more

How to avoid looking like a hot menopausal mess

“It’s too mild, I’m menopausal … you just want a cold wind up you,” said the divine Kathy Burke on Have I Got News For You , last week. We had the hottest October on record and Burke was voicing what every woman over the age of 50 has been thinking for the past four weeks. When oestrogen has left theRead more

Fashion for women over50…

It’s not about age, it’s about style, as I say in the sidebar. And, this is something I’ve been thinking about for a while. Now that high street fashion brands have finally recognised that women over-50 still exist, do we like being specifically marketed to? Does the ‘you’re over-50 wear this’ approach work with GenerationRead more

The Accidental Icon

If ever you need to give your eyes a rest from the usual, look-at-me, street style fashion fandango, click over to Accidental Icon . Lyn Slater is an academic who writes eloquently about creativity and style and lives her life in monochrome. Her cool aesthetic and unerring sense of style are a tonic for anyone with aRead more

The Iris Apfel documentary

Everyone loves Iris. And so do I. In the late Albert Maysles film, designers, editors and fashion executives are falling all over themselves to orbit the ‘geriatric starlet’. If you love life and style, you’ll love this heartwarming documentary ( out in the UK, today ; Fri 25 July 2015). Iris was one of the ‘Inspirational Women’ I interviewed forRead more

Don’t call me a gran bod

I was hoping if I ignored the term ‘gran bod’ it might go away. But no. The dad bod bandwagon-jumping label keeps pinging into my inbox. This weekend: The Top 10 Gran Bods starring Helen Mirren, Madonna and Elle (The Gran Body) Macpherson. Basically, a list of women over-50, rated on how they look in swimwear. HowRead more

Finding the perfect pair of jeans

Not too skinny, not too baggy-saggy-boyfriend-style, with a comfy mid-rise and a slightly cropped leg – I think I’ve found the perfect pair of summer jeans. As J Brand are one of the top everyday denim brands listed in my book Style Forever , I was pleased to discover the Ellis Crop. On sale (now half priceRead more

How to dress in a heat wave

Jeez, it’s hot. Steamy, sweltering, stinking hot, and I’m feeling slouchy. And a bit sweaty. Must find my Nan Fan . Over the last couple of days the women I’ve spotted in London looking chic in the heat are those loosening up and staying super natural. Wide leg linen trousers and a silk shell top, jersey haremRead more

Sofia Coppola’s perfect summer style

The Guardian asked a series of fashion journalists to each write about their perfect summer style template. I nominated Sofia Coppola. The award-winning director has a confidence and quiet understated elegance that I admire, she doesn’t need shouty clothes and selfies to make an impression – everything is intelligent, unassuming and just right. Cool, calmRead more

Ines de la Fressange retail store

Ooh la la, Ines de la Fressange has set up shop on the Parisian Left Bank. And next time I visit the French capital, I’ll be making a bee-line from the Gare du Nord. The eponymous concept store sells own-label fashion, homewares and vintage: ‘I want gaiety, mixing: joyful jumble fashion and lifestyle,’ IdlF toldRead more