Photo: Gerard Darel.

There’s enough brocade around this season to deck out Poshington Manor. That’s Laurence Llewelyn Bowen’s pad, in case you were wondering. Autumn/winter fashion is all texture, embellishment and drama. And yet, and yet….at a dinner party the other night, I noticed that every single woman was wearing a combination of black, gold and grey. The chintz had been chucked, the frou-frou forgotten, we’d all decided to keep it chic. I was embracing 24-hour-style in my favourite go-anywhere outfit: a graphic print, silk Modern Love jacket (bought at their sample sale), slim black pants and Liz Taylor earrings. The only photo I have of said outfit is from the Mumsnet BlogFest (that’s me on the right), never did get round to writing that up. Suffice to say it was nerve-wracking and fun. Caitlin Moran was superb. And I had a lovely lunch:


Oh and by the way, my feet aren’t really the size of skateboards. It’s the camera angle on the old Acne Pistol Boot. Here’s a quick snap of my lovely Modern Love jacket:


And did you see fab photographer Ellen von Unwerth at the British Fashion Awards? She was embracing the black and gold theme too.

Photo: Getty.


Another go-to outfit this season incorporates the Diane jacket from Lucza, jeans and flat Chelsea boots. Which I like to think adds a whiff of Ines de la Fressange’s Parisian Chic to my life.

Photo: Lucza.


So, I guess what I’m saying is wear something you always feel right in. Having a fail-safe item of clothing to turn to is more comforting than knowing you’ve got a lift home and a lie-in. There’s no point getting dressed up to the nines if it makes you feel self-conscious and stupid. As architect, John Pawson says, ‘The
state of minimum is not one of austerity nor deprivation, it is clarity
of space.’*

What will you be wearing this Christmas?

* Taken from my Grown-up Guide To Parties.

22 thoughts on “Keeping it chic at Christmas

  1. So right!!! The amount of times I see women (men just don't seem to have the same problem) wearing something that makes them feel uncomfortable and self-conscious is unreal. Nothing looks worse than somebody who can't walk in high heels or spends the evening tugging on their dress – you'll look better in jeans and t-shirt in that case…or in my sparkly sweatshirt 😉

    GREAT blazer btw 🙂 Sorry we didn't manage coffee this year, it's all been quite manic here. We'll definitely do it in January. Have a wonderful Christmas and a very happy New Year. xo

  2. I love, love, love that top look! That is my goal…I want to look like that by the end of next year! Thanks for the inspiration picture…and I love sparkly gold and black! Have a wonderful weekend and holidays ahead!

  3. I'm with you. Simple and sleek. A bit of sparkle or shine. I find that the more embellished and frou-frou pieces just make me look like a piece of upholstered furniture. I love the idea of Chelsea boots with a dressy outfit.

  4. The pared down look isn't for me but you rock it like a pro!
    No idea what I'll be doing after tomorrow but I have a snakeskin fringed catsuit to do it in, OTT, unsuitable and mad, that's my style. x

  5. Hi my dear-I adore your Love jacket, perfectly chic and it looks such a versatile and stylish piece that must be a real favourite in your wardrobe. Have a good weekend xxx

  6. Party time for me means high high heels and a dress that I can sit comfortably in and I am set to go. My whole lifestyle is practical so I need one time of the year to be the glamour girl I was meant to be. Angora sweaters, sequins, chiffon, bring it!!!

  7. I have been looking for the right gold top for Christmas with no luck. And I was thinking about gold jeans, but worry that I'm too old and I'll look like an idiot 🙂

  8. The Style Crone – love the thought of 'beauty across the continuum,' nicely put. Might have to borrow that! It's obvious that you're comfortable dans sa peau because you always look so fabulous.

    Vix – I can't wait to see that catsuit! Sounds fantastic.

  9. Your jacket looks good on You.
    Personally I could not wear gold, silver, sequins, shiny clothes nor the glamour.
    But I can wear a great piece of jewelry, a great bag and fine shoes to dress up my simple outfits.

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