Like a cross between Carrie Bradshaw and Jenna Lyons, the fabulous New York stylist and skincare specialist, Linda Rodin mixes vintage and modern pieces to fabulous effect. She’s my latest grown-up style icon for the Boden blog, and you can read the full post here.

Photo: Ari Seth Cohen

Who’s inspiring you at the moment?

16 thoughts on “Grown-up style inspiration from Linda Rodin

  1. How many couches does Linda Rodin have anyway? Une Femme just posted a different picture of Linda Rodin sitting on a different couch, but in almost the same pose. She's certainly everywhere at the moment! She's so elegant, yet hip, beautiful and quirky. Certainly she's got a fabulous style to imitate.

  2. Her style really is exceptional. It suits her very well. I'm still looking for an older style icon who isn't rail-thin, however. Advanced Style gives us a glimpse of some wonderful women but I'd love to find someone who's personal style is artsy like Linda's but on the fuller side, maybe downright post-menopausal thick, you know? That being said, however, I love my stylish sisters, thick and thin.

  3. I love Linda, and Jenny Hirschowitz, but I echo the need for women who have curves…….most style icons seem to be flat chested, I find it tough to look elegant with my 32 FFs lol

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