Accidental Icon, Uniqlo

If ever you need to give your eyes a rest from the usual, look-at-me, street style fashion fandango, click over to Accidental Icon. Lyn Slater is an academic who writes eloquently about creativity and style and lives her life in monochrome. Her cool aesthetic and unerring sense of style are a tonic for anyone with a preference for pared-down simplicity. With a 40-year career in social work, the 61-year-old now lectures in social justice in New York – and there’s a fantastic feature about her in Uniqlo’s fall/winter Lifewear Book.

Lyn Slater, Accidental Icon, Uniqlo

‘I’ve always been creative, for me fashion is about performance,’ she tells journalist Alice Newell-Hanson, ‘I reject the idea that there is a set way you must look if you want to make a difference with your life. The vast majority of my readers and my students are young. And I show them that you can still be a rebel at 61.’

Lyn’s wearing Uniqlo’s cashmere polo neck sweater, rayon shirt and ankle length pants.

Read The Iconclast feature HERE.

23 thoughts on “The Accidental Icon

  1. I don’t wish to be unkind but I fail to anything profoundly iconic. I see a tastefully dressed sixty something but the Icon eludes me. And what’s with the shades in what looks like ordinary daylight, I hate them at the best of times, the burka of the soul. What about her indicates rebelliousness exactly ? It’s just marketing of another “usual, look-at-me, street style fashion fandango”.

    1. David I think your first sentence must sum you up perfectly! And when would shades be appropriate other than in ordinary daylight?

  2. I really like Lyn’s blog, her look, her style, her verve & that take-me-or-leave-me attitude. It’s not my look even though we share a love of black & white & blue jeans. But — and I’d never say this on Lyn’s own blog because I wouldn’t want to offend her (& will probably offend even here, so this comes with a side-order of apologies) — BUT she so rarely smiles! Mind you, 40 years in social work would probably leave me not feeling like smiling much either, but, as with Victoria Beckham, a smile can only improve the beauty that is already there. That said, the black turtle neck, white shirt, black jeans & B&W sneakers? Love it.

  3. Lyn is a true icon in the blogging world. Both her personal style and her writing are a breath of fresh air! I hope Lyn continues to inspire for many years.

  4. David asked “What’s with the shades in ordinary daylight?”

    I’m puzzled by people who think sunglasses are an affectation. They are sunscreen for the eyes. Go without, and risk serious damage–and it’s worse as we age.

  5. Thanks for highlighting another great blog for me to follow Alyson. No wonder I never get round to writing any posts for my blog, I’m too busy following all you inspirational women!!!

  6. Just found this site love it as I try to transition to flats due to my MS and don’t want to look frumpy and not chic in my wheel chair or flashy cane quite insperational still can use some of my beautiful things that I love ❤️ Thank You Needed some inspiration I guess so I don’t end up in that old granny rut that stores love to sell us

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