40 over 40: meet the women shaping the internet

Brace yourselves for some first class trumpet-blowing…I’m delighted to be named as one of ’40 women over 40′ shaping the internet, in The Sunday Telegraph’s Stella magazine. The 40 over 40 list has sections on fashion and beauty, technology, politics and activism and media/entertainment – and there I am alongside other digitally engaged women including: Linda Rodin, SherylRead more

The best flat sandals – and looking after your feet as you get older

That’s Not My Feet. My feet have never looked that good and after three days camping at Port Eliot festival they’re looking positively reptilian. More cracks than a parched field in Cornwall and the nail polish has faded and grown out so much that when I bumped into Hilary Robertson, she asked where I’d had the ‘ombre effect’ done. Podiatrist Margaret Dabbs toldRead more

Grace Coddington is cool in her Calvins

In the interest of balance, it only seems right that as well as featuring gorgeous grey-haired older models , That’s Not My Age includes women who prefer to carry on colouring. And I include myself in that category, despite on-going attempts to grow in the grey. The Calvin Klein fall 2016 campaign was released this week and 75-year-old Grace Coddington is one of theRead more

A mature, single woman’s summer adventure

‘Just call me Shirley Valentine,’ said That’s Not My Age contributor/writer Elaine Kingett when we met, yesterday. Going on to explain that she was planning to spend the entire summer, on her own, in Greece. Here Elaine talks about her upcoming adventure: The radiator in my bathroom has been on since last October, the lightsRead more

What’s my age got to do with it?

Naked from the waist up on a couch in cardiology, the last thing I expected to hear, as the male technician stuck sensors around my breasts for an ECG was, ‘You look very good for your age,’ writes Elaine Kingett. My brother, when I was moaning yet again about my dating disasters said, ‘Well, atRead more

Currently listening to: Charles Bradley

There was a brilliant song playing in a local shop, yesterday. And not being a Shazam-r, I asked the assistant what it was. Actually spoke to someone, like in the olden days. Turns out it was Charles Bradley. The 67-year-old former James Brown impersonator who has achieved success in his seventh decade. Funnily enough, I’dRead more

The Queen at 90

It can’t be easy being the Queen. I don’t mean all those big houses to look after, giving the Christmas speech or having Prince Charles for a son; but sticking to a formal dress code for over 60 years. As the designer Hardy Amies said, ‘ I do not dress the Queen. The Queen dressesRead more

Caryn Franklin talks menopause

Caryn Franklin has written a brilliant, positive piece on the menopause for Refinery 29. Describing the unique physical and mental affects of what she calls ‘a mind-blowing midlife recalibration – one with a valuable message of growth and expansion,’ the esteemed fashion journalist/activist/broadcaster explains how she addressed her work-life balance by focusing on personal strengthsRead more

Meet the Queen of Pilates: Lynne Robinson

Compared to Lynne Robinson, I’m a bit of a Johnny-come-lately when it comes to Pilates. It’s been about five years since I did my back in, lifting without bending my knees, and discovered that Pilates is the new clubbing. Together with blogging, it’s one of the best ways to meet like-minded people of a certainRead more

Online dating as a mature woman (continued)

Maybe I would have more luck on dating websites and apps if I stopped looking at men as sex objects?  – writes Elaine Kingett. What AM I looking for, after all? A bloke who’s good at DIY and likes green veg? A man who can pay his own bill in a restaurant, particularly at The Wolseley ?Read more