Grenson’s limited edition shoe with a literary twist

  There’s lots of information on fabulous flat shoes and how to wear them in Book Number Two (final proofread arriving this week) and one of the experts I spoke to for that chapter was from Grenson . This week the British shoe brand launches a wonderful collaboration with Persephone Books, I’ve written about it forRead more

The best way to wear flat lace-ups and brogues

Introducing the best flat shoe-wearer on the planet: Ana Gimeno Brugada. The Milan-based, Spanish-born stylist and fashion consultant (and regular on my best-dressed Pinterest board ) is never out of Gentlewoman Style footwear and Gucci flats .  Ana GB is fairly elusive and has said of the fashion week circus, ‘Sometimes they are just trying to get shots of people inRead more

The best flat sandals – and looking after your feet as you get older

That’s Not My Feet. My feet have never looked that good and after three days camping at Port Eliot festival they’re looking positively reptilian. More cracks than a parched field in Cornwall and the nail polish has faded and grown out so much that when I bumped into Hilary Robertson, she asked where I’d had the ‘ombre effect’ done. Podiatrist Margaret Dabbs toldRead more

The perfect shoe for Instagram and a reader offer from Penelope Chilvers

Could this be the perfect shoe for Instagram ? Not that I’m obsessed or anything, but Penelope Chilvers Alhambra sandal – inspired by the beautiful Spanish palace in Granada – is incredibly photogenic. No need to traipse about for hours looking for a beautiful tiled floor to stand around on, these mosaic patterned leather sandals areRead more

Clog Lovin’

With 1970s-inspired fashion still swinging its loon pants this season (and next), it’s no surprise that foot-stomping shoes are making a resurgence. Rather than wobbling around in precariously high platforms or taking the safer option of the “royal tour” wedge, my footwear of choice is currently the wooden sole clog. Originally worn as protective footwearRead more

The mid-heel boot that’s not middle of the road

This week’s most-wanted is the Showbiz Boot. The mid-heel style that’s not middle-of-the-road. I’m always looking for ways to add a little razzle dazzle to my denim jeans, and keep coming back to this Elmsworth leather boot (above; available HERE) . The navy, mock croc style is from Finery, the super-successful online label launched last yearRead more

How to wear flat shoes and boots right now

Cropped kick-flares and culottes are terribly au courant but in winter I like to draught-proof my legs. Eliminate a northwesterly up the nether regions, by opting for a straighter leg style. Now the decluttering has begun (one bagful of stuff to charity and counting), I’m finally going to have a go at getting rid ofRead more

GG slippers by Georgina Goodman

Inspired by a Moroccan baboush style, GGs by Georgina Goodman slippers have a 2cm slice-wedge heel and gel insole – a technological addition that makes them more wearable than the completely flat slippers I picked up in a Marrakech souk, and never wore. These indoor-outdoor shoes mark a comeback for the London-based designer, who now ownsRead more

In praise of the pointed flat

One of my Birkenstocks has died. After limping around sadly for a while, it’s now decomposing somewhere behind the sofa. Instagram followers will be relieved to know that they won’t be seeing another ‘view from the top’ post of my black leather two-strap Arizonas, anytime soon. In a way this is good news, I’ve been concernedRead more

How to keep your feet looking great when you’re older

Shoes: Pleasure & Pain is a new fashion exhibition at the V&A (opening 13 June), though as anyone over-40 knows, it’s all about the comfy shoe now. Having squeezed my feet into second-hand winkle-pickers as a teenager, worn daft heels as a fashion editor and run around in Converse All Stars as a down-with-the-youngsters freelancer – I came to the conclusionRead more