Now trending: grey hair, khaki and comfy shoes

‘Seeing older models with modern hair and make–up, looking cool, is amazing,’ Caroline Baker enthused at 50+ Fashion Week. Caroline was fashion editor on the groundbreaking 1960s magazine Nova where she pioneered many looks we take for granted today. This image of model Yasmina Rossi reminds me of her use of army surplus long before seventies hippies andRead more

How to wear a sleeveless jacket or coat

Never stop experimenting, is part of the advice I’ve been giving on my Ageless Style tour . I can’t tell you anymore than that because there are still a couple of gigs to go: Hobbs in Cheltenham next week and then Coffee and Style Solutions at Bath in Fashion . Trying out new things, old things, new combinations of old things, is the onlyRead more

Join me for a Style Session at Hobbs

I am very excited to announce that on Thursday 1 October I’ll be offering expert style advice and showcasing my selection of the Hobbs autumn/winter 2015 collection at their Covent Garden store. Tickets cost £5 and all the proceeds go to the fantastic charity Smartworks . The event has been selling well, but I know that 35 extra ticketsRead more

How to wear army green (or my new favourite colour combination)

Serendipity. There I was thinking about different ways to wear army green when up popped Violeta Sanchez the actress, model and former Yves Saint Laurent muse in this lovely colour combination. Sanchez worked with Yves Saint Laurent and Helmut Newton in the late seventies and eighties and I spotted this picture of her as I whizzed throughRead more

You’re never too old for a bikini (and other swimwear advice)

I’m on holiday, I’m over-50 and I’m wearing a bikini. My body isn’t ‘beach perfect’ or ‘bikini ready’ or whatever. I’m pear-shaped with a long torso and a ring of middle-aged blubber. I just feel more comfortable in a two-piece. And I’m not alone. There are loads of women of different ages, shapes and sizesRead more

Summer style essentials

M&S asked me to write about my holiday wardrobe and as I’m just about to book a much-needed vacation, this is a useful way of planning ahead. Mr That’s Not My Age will be pleased to have a little extra space for his walking sandals… For a week in the sun, I try to travel light.Read more

Style Forever Q&A

Photo: Kristin Perers My gorgeous friend Navaz Batliwalla interviewed me about Style Forever for her blog Disneyrollergirl. Navaz is a fashion editor, consultant and industry expert, I call her my Net Nanny because she’s been blogging for longer than I have and often provides me with expert advice. You can read the full interview HERE . NavazRead more

How to stay stylish forever

  And now for the most surreal thing I’ve ever typed: I was on the cover of the Daily Mail, and so was Mick Jagger. Not together, mind. But at least I was in good company. (see HERE for evidence) Just a couple of weeks until the book launch and so the newspaper ran an exclusive feature including excerptsRead more

Inspirational Women: Iris Apfel

  Illustration: Leo Greenfield There’s exactly one month to go until the launch of my book Style Forever and so I thought I’d share a little something with you. Alongside all the tips and anecdotes, I’ve interviewed a series of Inspirational Women including the formidable Iris Apfel. It was a joy to chat to the New YorkRead more

Style Forever: the grown-up guide to looking fabulous

That Is My Book. Writing Style Forever was such a whirlwind last summer (polite phrase), I still can’t quite believe it happened. I’ve been asked several times recently if I’m excited, and the honest answer is, ‘No. Not at the minute’. The Waterstones website has just told me there are 36 days to publication, so maybe it’sRead more