Going Grey for the Guardian

  This is what real #grannyhair looks like at 7.30pm on a grey Friday evening, after a long week at work. With no makeup and no daylight. The ironic hashtag used by young celebs and models isn’t the same when you’re over-50 and contemplating the change (of hair colour). And I thought my new passportRead more

Grey models

Hooray for Grey. The model agency, not the book. First came Mrs Robinson Management , now there’s Grey Model Agency, representing ‘the beautifully ageing mature model,’ like 61-year-old Meg McNaughton (above) who started modelling in 2010, and Sara Stockbridge the almost-50-year-old former Vivienne Westwood model and Grey Ambassador: Founded by former photographic agent Rebecca Valentine, earlier this year, the fashion world is gladRead more

Age: a state of mind

  Let’s hear it for Sonic Youth bass player/artist/producer Kim Gordon, who according to Opening Ceremony’s Facebook page was ‘killing it’ at Chloe Sevigny’s New York Fashion Week presentation, yesterday. Kim rocks and is 60 this April. Kim Killing It.   Perhaps that sign should say ‘The agony of hot pants’. One of the mainRead more

Glad to be grey

Grey hair had a bit of a fashion moment earlier this year when the likes of Tavi, Pixie Geldof and Kate Moss joined the blue rinse brigade . Actually, word on the blogosphere was that Kate Moss had been over doing it with the dry shampoo but that’s another story. And now the fad for young whippersnappers toRead more