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In 2020 I decided to introduce a paid membership to That’s Not My Age through Patreon, whereby followers pay a monthly subscription to access exclusive content. Not only does this mean that That’s Not My Age can continue to operate but it is in keeping with my ethos on sustainability (I will be less reliant on selling product through affiliate links to survive). The Patreon subscription system runs in tandem with this site, and subscribers can view exclusive features right here on That’s Not My Age. A small black triangle on the top left corner of a post indicates which posts are for paid subscribers, and the rest of the content is free for everyone to enjoy and access.

Those who have signed-up are supporting That’s Not My Age in its entirety. For which, I can’t thank you enough. Every subscription is valuable for the future of this site and will go towards creating engaging content to inspire and empower women of all ages. So far subscriptions have allowed me to start recording more podcasts, I’ve been able to introduce some paid contributors  – look out for excellent features by Alexia Economou, Adrienne Wyper and Nilgin Yusuf – and invest more in the upkeep of the website. There will be more fabulous content throughout 2021, including: expert fashion tips, style directories, giveaways, discounts, exclusive interviews and the Ask Alyson Q&A.

There are three different membership tiers – outlined here:

£1 per month (plus VAT)  simply supports TNMA

£2.50 per month (plus VAT)  is for international subscribers who will receive two exclusive features on Patreon each month and a Q&A.

£4 per month (plus VAT) is for TNMA Insiders who will receive two exclusive features on Patreon each month and a Q&A.

To sign up visit:

Patreon subscriber content can be found HERE and if you have any questions or queries about membership please get in touch at [email protected]

I am so very proud to share this online space with you. Thanks again for all your loyalty, generosity and support.