Fashion illustrator Niki Groom who goes under the name of Miss Magpie Fashion Spy has recently launched a set of greetings cards. ‘My Mum was very involved with the Senior Moments card,’ Niki told me, ‘ We brainstormed for ages to get the right wording so she’d be happy to send it to all her friends. The card is a celebration of getting older and is obviously inspired by the Fabulous Fashionistas film and Ari Seth Cohen’s Advanced Style . It was important to do something fun and fashionable without being patronising.’


The collection came about after Niki designed a Christmas card for Clinique, last year. Selfridges department store then contacted her to see if there was a complete range; there wasn’t at the time, but Niki soon got round to creating one with an old school friend Sarah, who quit her job to start working on the project.


Some of the cards have a nifty, thrifty ‘tear and share’ design. A serrated edge along the centre fold allows the front cover to be detached and re-used as a postcard. An idea inspired by Niki’s grandma who loved to recycle wrapping paper and greetings cards (by cutting the backs off and turning them into postcards). ‘My sister suggested a serrated, tear off edge,’ adds Niki, ‘ It’s been a family affair!’

The team are now in negotiations with a number of stores interested in selling their stationery. Miss Magpie Fashion Spy cards are available HERE.

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