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There’s a lovely feature over on Advanced Style at the minute. Writer and artist Sandy Badash is talking about confidence and body image, concluding with *spoiler alert* ‘Hey, I’ve come a long way, and I realize I’m not a perfect being and while I put myself out there clothing-wise, and certainly don’t mind being seen, and recognized for what my conservative community calls “over the top”. I’m totally at ease with what ever I wear, some of my criteria is actually camouflage for age-related flaws. I’m not unhappy. On the contrary I love every day, and I’ve grown to love myself.’

As well as Sandy’s honesty and openness, I was struck by her wonderful accessorizing. I’m guessing this jewellery has been collected over her 81-years on the planet and that each accessory has a backstory. How relaxed does she seem wearing her favourite bits and pieces? Proof that doing your own thing always looks stylish.

Read the full article HERE.

9 thoughts on “The best way to accessorize

  1. I love reading about other peoples lives, especially older women like Sandy who’ve really properly lived!
    Isn’t it funny how we all have stories of the ridiculous body image expectations we felt in our youth? Funny because they’re rarely the same body.
    What changes peoples perception of perfect beauty from one decade to the next I wonder?

  2. I saw this feature and loved it too! What a lovely role model she is, and I really admire her style … and her JEWELRY! I have been collecting Native American jewelry since the ’70s, and she has inspired me to get mine out and wear it! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Great attitude and style. Think Sandy should change her name to Sandy Badass. (Woops been living in the US too long – nearly 9 months)

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