After several visits to the osteopath, I still have a pain in my neck.
It starts mid- shoulder and runs right up to just behind the left ear, and there’s a funny clicking noise too. Inside my head, when I move, which is weird. Initially, I thought that this condition was down to a combination of stress and too much time spent at the computer – and then I read a feature in the Times about Text Neck (sorry can’t link, it’s behind the pay wall but there’s another similar article here). Research in the Surgical Technology Journal
has shown that constant leaning forward over a mobile phone puts a huge strain on the neck. When the head is tilted 60 degrees forward the spine feels five times the actual weight of the head – which makes it around about 60 pounds. I reckon this should be called Tech Neck because for me it’s social networking (Twitter and Instagram) that causes the strain. And if that wasn’t bad
enough, too much hunching over a device can lead to premature ageing. The Saggy Text Neck, it’s a thing. But don’t worry, I’m working on the prototype for a roll neck with a built-in brace.


7 thoughts on “I feel bad about my Text Neck…

  1. Can't take my mobile into work ( security). The initial loss! Followed q, soon by what a relief! Still feel very attached to my tablet, first thing I look for when I get home….v.v. Sad!

    Not sure what can be done for that!

  2. Oh yes. I'm trying to invent something, too. I usually hold my ipad/iPhone up and away from my face selfie style to avoid text neck but now my arms are starting to fall asleep!

  3. A physical therapist can help you enormously, by showing you how to build up your upper back and shoulders with the correct exercises and thru massage and therapy.

  4. My job requires working on a computer all day, and I've learned how to position my monitor to avoid neck strain, as well as some shoulder rolls to release the tension. But the best thing is to spend a few minutes each night on a therapeutic back roll which helps combat the "hunch."

  5. That can certainly become a widespread problem, since staying online via social media is all the rage these days, and with that brings in a set of habits and health repercussions. One of the simplest remedies to this is to start curbing the habit of always looking at one's phone. It's a habit that's borne out of the emergence of social media and mobile technology. However, there are ways to immediately remedy that problem, chiropractic being one of them.

    Jacqueline Hodges @ Dr. Koziol

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