Linda Rodin is a homebody who loves fashion and culture and taking her dog Winky for a good, long walk. This is one of my favourite illustrations from Style Forever and talking to Linda on the phone was an absolute joy. She shared some good advice:

‘Forget about the wrinkles and focus on the silhouette.’

I hope to meet Linda next time I’m in New York. Now, wouldn’t that be fabulous? Style Forever is available to pre-order HERE.

8 thoughts on “Inspirational Women: Linda Rodin

  1. She's fabulous – I met her briefly at an antiques market in NYC – she had Winky with her – and she was beyond lovely and gracious. xo

  2. You probably know that photo of her – IO DONNA – from the Advanced Style blog. Ever since I pinned it when it came out – when was that, about a year ago? – it gets from 2 to 5 repins a week! She is really an icon on many levels.

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