Maggie Smith
Photo: CBS News

I can’t think of anyone who could play The Lady in the Van better than Maggie Smith. She’s brilliant and funny as Miss Mary Sheperd the homeless woman who moved her camper van into writer Alan Bennett’s drive for three months, in the 1970s, and ended up staying 15 years. Alex Jennings makes a great Alan Bennett but Dame Maggie is in her prime, capturing perfectly the ‘vagabond nobility’ of The Lady in the Van. 

Photo: Evening Standard

There’s one more opportunity to see her stealing the show as the Dowager Duchess this Christmas, though I doubt Smith will be tuning in herself, she told Graham Norton recently that she’s never watched Downton.

14 thoughts on “Maggie Smith is The Lady in the Van

  1. I just saw a preview for this film when we were at the movies yesterday, and it looked absolutely fantastic. Can’t wait to see it.

  2. Love everything about Maggie, and Alan Bennett!
    I just saw a film with her a couple of days ago “Momento Mori” Never seen it before, made for TV I think.Enjoyed it.
    Susan. xxx

  3. I saw the stage version of Lady in the Van in London in 2000. It was wonderful. We were so thrilled to have tickets to anything starring Maggie Smith! I can’t remember much about the play… except on my first ever visit to London, I was getting to see Maggie Smith! I’d love to see the film.

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