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Whoa, it’s busy online this week. Grown-up style is getting loads of attention. First Buzzfeed posted a feature on the 15 Amazing Senior Style Instagrammers You Should Follow Right Now, lots of inspirational women including Linda Rodin, Judith from Style Crone and several other wonderful Advanced Stylistas. Then before you could say ‘Old Lady Revolution’, I was up there with the best of them as fashion website Motilo’s favourite Instagrammer:



There was even a How To Get Alyson Walsh’s Style
page, where the most excellent choices were spookily spot on. In this photo I’m wearing
Toast’s Ryo leather jacket, £445, made in Italy and available HERE. The scarf isn’t available yet but a good alternative is the Dosa Shuktara scarf for
J. Crew, £210, available HERE.

And last but not least, Good Housekeeping included That’s Not My Age in their 10 best fashion blogs for grown-ups. That’s the first time I’ve made one of those ‘Best Of’ lists, and I’m flattered to be in such good company. Just giving myself a pat on the back… 

Power to the older people.

25 thoughts on “The best fashion blogs for grown-ups

  1. Well done! A fantastic achievement. I totally love your look here and the jacket is wonderful! What colour is yours and will it come in other colours at all? I'm so pleased to see a jacket that doesn't have a million tabs/zips and require 10 inches taken off the sleeves.

  2. Well they all look like clowns. Really,why is it these older women instagrammers insist on goofy color combinations,and unflattering outfits? It's like they're playing out their dress up fantasies when they were 5 years old.
    I prefer your style my dear.

  3. Cute pic AW and congrats! However GSL is here to help step up your game…as you've yet to recover from that 'bowling shoes' feature misstep.

  4. I'm so happy to see you get the recognition. Your blog is real. Your clothes are ones that mature women will wear, unlike some others that are going for the attention grabbing, rather ridiculous look. Your blog is the only one I follow faithfully.
    Love the jacket and scarf. I find the price a little too pricey for a scarf though. Is it possible to offer a less expensive version of the clothes you wear?

  5. Fantastic Alyson! Well deserved!

    I must agree with the others: your blog is the only one I follow for down-to-earth style, but I especially love your ability to laugh at yourself, in a good natured way.

    xoxo Jane

  6. Ditto. Well deserved. Also agree with Beyond Beige, style blogs should show style that we can actually wear. We've got fashion mags like Vogue and the runway for the fantasy stuff.

  7. Congratulations Alyson, on your well deserved honors. And thank you for the mention. I was surprised and thrilled to be in such amazing company on the Buzzfeed list. Yes, power to the older people!

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