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Making a song and dance about ageing isn’t, er, strictly my business. Use My Body While It’s Still Young is a show by Norwegian choreographer Hege Haagenrud featuring four experienced dancers aged between 65 and 79-years-old and live music by singer songwriter Rebekka Karijord. Tickets for Use My Body While It’s Still Young are available HERE and I’m just about to book mine. This video features Karijord on piano and the 76-year-old ballet dancer Siv Ander. Powerful stuff.

11 thoughts on “Use my body while it’s still young

  1. This is beautiful. The human body can be powerful and expressive at any age. You can see and feel the vitality coursing through this dancer’s body… she could be 20 in her movements and expression. I’m so inspired I might book myself on the course for Flamenco dancing that I’ve wanted to do for years! xx

  2. You can dance whenever you want, at any age – no lessons required! Just put on that music and move. It’s fabulous exercise and a whole lot of fun and a real mood changer. Bare feet best.

    Maybe surprisingly, Philip Glass and Hildegard von Bingen are very danceable if you want really engage your mind and feet. Something like the Abbysinian (sp?) Gospel Choir is terrifically energising. (Just to so ya know I’m 74).

  3. Stunning! This is wonderful. Body fascism in much of the western dance world doesn’t just exclude anyone who isn’t slim but also anyone who isn’t young. I spent a good few years as the fattest girl at the barre before realising that I wasn’t the one with the problem. Also there has been an explosion in women over fifty going to dance classes traditionally aimed at a younger market, the Royal Academy of Dance was so stunned that they commissioned some research because they wanted to understand what was going on! As a previous commentator said you don’t need lessons to dance but I like that we are claiming a bit of the space and now it seems claiming a bit of the performance space too.

  4. Brave, yes. Thanks for posting. Wish the images of the older dancer weren’t quite so ghastly, emphasizing the wrinkles etc..

  5. Kaye–I think the point of both the dance and lyrics was to show the wrinkles, not hide them. I know what you mean, but we need to get over seeing them as ghastly and repulsive. Not easy, but we’ll all get there and appreciate a kindler attitude.

  6. The 76 year old looks a heck of a lot better than many decades younger…beautiful musculature and movement…I love her wrinkles..what’s so scary about them:)

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