Bring on the Bus Pass! (And the latest must-have accessory)

— by Alyson Walsh


In case you missed it, I’m a year older. The big 6-0. Have bus pass, will travel (for free). After paying over the odds to Transport for London for decades, this feels like such a bonus. Apologies to all those who will not receive discounted travel for a few years, I really don’t mean to gloat. Throughout 2023 I did keep wondering if some spiteful government official would put a stop to this brilliant, over-60 benefit…

When I mentioned my bus pass to Manhattan Brother (who is two years younger than me) he said, ‘ Oh, that’s scary.’ But it’s not, it’s exciting. Returning from my New York trip to an envelope containing my over-60 Oyster card has been the highlight of my year, so far.

Many of us are working and commuting and don’t feel the age we are; numerous friends and I have vowed to celebrate our swinging sixties in style. Unlike our mothers’ generation who kept their heads down and kept quiet about it, we’re going to make some noise. Fortunately, I have already created the best birthday cards to send out to everyone, in collaboration with Charlotte Day the Dandy Star designer (available HERE).




We will continue to do our own thing, as we age  – our mothers’ generation didn’t have the same opportunities or freedom. I’m going to make the most of my bus pass to get out and about more, I’ll be lining up a few weekend walks along the Thames. Oh and I’ve discovered the latest must-have accessory, an item that is absolutely essential: a lovely card holder to protect the precious bus pass. (COS has one on a lanyard!)


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