Liberty’s lovely new About Face beauty campaign features four models, including Sylviane from Mrs Robinson Management, accompanied by portraits and illustrations from up-and-coming artists. Having always been low maintenance on the grooming front, this kind of not-much-makeup-makeup is what my face is all about. Silver-haired Sylviane is painted by artist Gill Button, and her simple, less-is-more makeup is described as: Bold mascara (Sisley So Curl in deep brown), natural foundation (Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser), strong lip (Trish McEvoy Liquid Lip in Power Red), highlighted cheeks (Chantecaille Liquid Lumiere in Brilliance) – all the products and other suggestions are listed HERE.

My About Face would go: eyes and eyebrows, natural blush and a nude lip. How about you?

Photo of Sylviane via the Guardian All Ages

18 thoughts on “About Face: artistry and ageless beauty at Liberty

  1. I think the no makeup makeup look is fine. Just use a good SPF formula in the foundation, CC Cream, or whatever is ‘on top’. Also like the idea that one can wear simple basics with accents of handbag/shoe changes. In the process of minimizing my wardrobe..paring down..being careful with purchases. No need for a huge closet unless one is a celebrity..’on duty’ for an audience/big charity goer. Thank you! Dianne

  2. Certainly, less is more for me in the make up game. I’m fanatical about skin care but go easy on the slap: CC cream, a slick of blusher (Nars in ‘Orgasm’ (!)) and a bright but not brash lipstick. One recent discovery has worked wonders on my sparse, short eyelashes which in my youth were long and lustrous. Nanolash applied nightly shows results after a couple of months. That, plus a monthly eyelash dye at the salon and I don’t need mascara.

  3. Having allowed my hair to go silver, I now go for touche eclat just to cover the odd blotch, eyebrows (what’s good for someone) with hardly any?! Rimmel mascara, L’Oréal golden age rosy face cream. Finally one of my collection of matte red lippies …. about 5 mins & I’m good to go!

  4. Love these ladies. I love makeup but sometimes we olders can look “painted” when it really isn’t necessary. The “red lip” isn’t always best. I need mascara and or eye liner, I have squinty little eyes. And some light bronzer (not orange!) helps my face look less flat in color.

  5. Love less is more! I’ve been paring back to a glowy veil (Clinique CC mixed with a bit of Mac strobe) plus Nars Orgasm like Anna. My secret weapon is a good undereye concealer taken over the lids as a natural primer. Clarins Instant concealer is silky and natural but gives great coverage. Then just a bit of mascara, a touch of brow gel and a dusky rose lippy and I”m good to go.

  6. Bobbi brown’s powder foundation on the t-zone alone does wonders for a no-make up look…. plus a touch of eye brightener, a smidge of liner and brows, and a creamy natural blush…. all Bobbi B. Easy!

  7. BB cream by Tarte, camellia oil cream blush by Julie Hewett, matte liquid lipstick from Bare Minerals, eyebrow pencil. Mascara bugs me, I’ll wear it if I’m going out, but day to day I wear glasses anyway so probably nobody notices… Actually I save the eyebrow pencil for evening too. I get lazier and lazier.

  8. I recently had a consultation with a fabulous woman who is a makeup artist for one of the major cosmetic brands, but also does makeup for weddings, photo shoots, catwalks, etc. For years I had been sticking to the old routine, same old products, afraid of trying something new even though my hair and face had changed as time went on. At my consultation I was given loads of advice about application, colours, new products and different looks. I now feel like its a bit of a treat to put my makeup on, have felt more confident and (dare I say it?) at least ten years younger ! How I present myself to the world makes a huge differnce to how I feel about myself. If you feel you have got stuck or lost your way with cosmetics, go and get some good advice. It really, really worked for me!

      1. Absolutely, DisneyRollerGirl! I was recently introduced to the Tropic skincare range by my beautician recently and got their cleanser, toner and moisturiser. It is lovely to use, great at removing cosmetics and has made such a difference to my skin which it prepares nicely for my new makeup! Lush!

  9. I agree with Mandy above. My most made up face is Clinique CC cream or tinted moisturiser maybe Laura Mercier or Caudalie for summer over moisturiser Caudalie. Then bronzer in a compact Clinique or Chanel Les Beiges this year followed by Clinique Chubby stick in Rhubarb, a warm orangey blusher. Although this is quite a lot of products they are applied with a light hand and some removed with a tissue. I end up looking healthy not overly madeup. I do wear lots of eye makeup every day whatever I’m doing. Even to go to gym. I prefer the way I look with eye definition. So Clinique crayon on brows, neutral eye shadow over Clinique touch base on lids, finally Clinique blackened green eye pencil under eye and at corners. More dressy look includes liquid eyeliner in black, felt tip type by Clinique again. And possibly mascara. I had eye surgery for retinal hole in 2013 with very difficult recovery and many eye drops for months. I hated not being able to wear much eye makeup. So once recovered i embraced it with glee. Some eye definition, blusher and definitely lipstick makes one look far less faded and tired at my age, mid 60s. Under eye concealer always which contributes to looking less weary and fresher. Everyone to their own in this domain. I like to wear makeup to improve my appearance and morale.

  10. I am quite happy to be seen without makeup at the young age of 66. My makeup case only comes out when I’m modelling or for special occasions. That way my skin pores can actually breath.
    Moisturising is my beauty secret. A good healthy diet. And walking to keep slim and fit. No plastic surgery or HRT. Still model swimwear and lingerie.
    Simplistic makeup for older ladies works so well, otherwise to over indulge looks like a mask.
    By the time we get to past 50 I think we know our own faces and what works for an older skin.
    I still have dark waist length hair not dyed either.
    Consider myself lucky that I inherited my parents youth full genes 🙂

  11. Like Suzy Monty I’m fortunate to have inherited good genes and good bone structure and good skin from my parents. I haven’t had any facial surgery nor injections nor will I at this advanced age. I look after myself have always exercised watched what I ate and tried to preserve my looks. All of this has paid off along with little alcohol, no smoking, sun protection hats and sunglasses for ever in summer. Nature and nurture have contributed. For which I feel grateful each and every day. And some makeup as required is always available.

  12. Unlike Mrs Tonia, I have inherited the wrinkles-galore genes plus a mis-spent youth and beyond of smoking, alcohol, sunbathing etc. so the ‘interesting’ results show on the old face!! Until recently I tried to camouflage this with serious coverage foundation, mineral powder, powder blusher etc. Big Mistake – my dear granddaughter (5) announced that “I look like wood” when I have makeup on! Much hilarity all round. Now I just add a drip of glycerin to CC cream and use a peachy cream blusher! Still look craggy but at least a rained on tree now. Add a warm nude bit of lippie and a swoosh of mascara and I am good to go.

  13. I love the way you look Alyson, for me it’s blush(Chanel Joues Contraste In Jersey or Rose Ecrin or In Love), a little foundation where needed(I like La Prairie Caviar foundation), La Prairie’s highlighter/concealer pen(which comes with a refill)in #10, I finnd if I lighten the center of my face it makes me look alive..well at least awake and I have been wearing Estee Lauder’s lipstick in Culture Clash(love the name) middle of the road marriage of coral/rose/brown and Chanel’s Liquid lipstick in Lost( love that name too) pale pinky beige on top of the Lauder, I always line the inner rim of my upper eyelid with black pencil(makes the lashes look thicker) and of course mascara.

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