Gorgeous, grey-haired model Silvina Neder explains how a chance remark from a photographer became the catalyst for a career change. Having spent 30 years working in market research, the 50-year-old moved to London from Buenos Aires in 2015. Rather than use her new business portrait to continue her current employment, she was encouraged by the photographer to take up modelling instead. The market research industry had changed and so had Silvina. ‘I stopped hiding things,’ she says about growing in the grey and giving up Botox, ‘And now I feel more comfortable and more confident. I’m accepting myself, accepting my age and I want to use modelling to encourage other women to do the same.’

In the second part of our That’s Not My Age: This IS My Style feature, Vicci Bentley describes how to achieve party-ready grey hair.  (Makeup details HERE):

Now work those curls into an effortless tousle.

If you have gloriously, naturally curly hair like Silvina, it’s a shame to try to tame it. ‘But thick, curly hair like this can get frizzy,’ warns ENA hairstylist Marco Silva. Moisturising products from the Davines Love Curl collection control curls by loosening them up. ‘The aim is a not-too-tight, more relaxed look,’ he says.

1: Thoroughly moisturise hair by spritzing Curl Revitalizer Spray from mid-lengths to ends.

2: Control frizz by gently raking Curl Controller Cream through hair, using your fingers as a comb.

3: Now build in body and structure with Dry Texturizer, shaping and moulding curls with your fingers. ‘A little bit of strategic backcombing separates and stops curls clumping and looking heavy,’ is Marco’s secret tip. Who knew?

… and let the gloss go right to your head

Curls are fabulous, but they don’t catch the light quite like sleek hair does. ‘Super-moisturising curls not only makes them more glossy and elastic, it helps prevent them contracting back on themselves into a dense, blocky mass,’ explains Marco. Here’s how to polish the pizazz.

1: On dry hair, comb Davines Curl Primer through section by section to thoroughly moisturise.

2: Using your fingers, tweek curls from roots to ends with Davines Oi Oil to open them up, so hair seems less wild. Go sparingly at first – you can always add a few drops more.

3: Whoosh Davines Shimmering Mist all over to give hair an unbelievable shine – and you’re good to go.

Team FAB: Photographer: Annie Johnston. Beauty editor: Vicci Bentley. Fashion stylist: Alyson Walsh. Model: Silvina Neder. Make-up: Louise Heywood. Hair: Marco at Ena Salon, 5 Great Queen Street, London WC2 (020 3301 5451).

First photo: silk striped tunic dress Diane von Furstenberg from Precious boutique (also available HERE). Earrings by Pilgrim.

Second photo: kimono jacket from a selection at Precious boutique and floral print dress by Ghost. Earrings by Pilgrim.

More products for gorgeous grey hair here:




32 thoughts on “Party-ready grey hair and how to achieve it

  1. Wow!!!! Utterly, and fabulously stunning! If your hair, like mine, is a mixture of greys, from gun-metal through to silver, your skin will be the right colour too! I’ve found that keeping my brows dark (and as dramatic as possible) helps.
    Sadly, curls are never going to be an option for me, so I keep my hair cut in a modern, below the chin, wedge. Using Pro-voke shampoo and conditioner at least once a week boosts the tones.
    I love my hair. Would I change it back to the dark brown/black of my past….? No way!

  2. My good wishes to all for a happy healthy and productive new year in 2018.
    Glad to see another striking looking grey haired model featured. She has lovely bone structure in her face also. And to see that the curly haired are having their moment after the years of overly straighted GHD hair.
    I’m fifteen years older than the model but still don’t have much grey, don’t have to give up Botox because I have never used it or fillers. Trying to make the best of what looks I have.
    Alyson if I didn’t see it Times and or Observer this past weekend had big feature on the older female artists winning awards and have one person exhibitions. They are grouped as the OBAs instead of YBAs. A very positive step to rediscover and profile older lesser known female artists. A move attributed to more female curators and museum directors such as those now running Tate Modern and overall Tate. I’m all for this in 2018.

  3. I must disagree with the above comment. She is gorgeous and stylish….and who cares about age anyway! She looks amazing.
    Happy New Year to everyone.

  4. Best of 2018 to everyone! Alyson, this is a great article, as always. How about an article for those of us who are aging from thin hair into even thinner hair? I’m sure I’m not alone in this!

  5. Amazing hair so good to see someone looking so lovely and feeling good about themselves. Julia we are all entitled to our views but really….

  6. I love to see others sporting grey hair with pleasure instead of being embarrassed by it!!!
    Both my mom (the 70+ model on my blog) and stepmom )the 60+ model) have been such inspirations to me by owning their grey hair, that I’ve let mine start to take over too!!
    What a great inspiration here!!
    Happy 2018!!

  7. I agree with Kathryn. I used to complain about my wavy brown hair being too thick but now, at the age of 66, my (dyed) light brown/dark blonde hair is thinning, especially at the front. Can anything be done?
    Happy New Year everyone!

  8. Absolutely gorgeous. In my opinion Silvia looks more vibrant and youthful with her natural color, than she could possibly look with dyed hair. She glows!

  9. I agree with Sandy…not sure how Julie can say it ages her, unless you’ve seen her before she was grey, maybe you have. Fab looking woman under any circumstances.

    One point would be rsfreshing in 2018 to see clothes which are less expensive. Just a thought…

  10. With all respect for the decision of some to ’go natural’…
    She is a beautiful woman but the grey hair colour ages her a lot. I thought she was 60+ and was surprised to find out that she is only 50. Imagine how gorgeous she would look with dark brown hair, perhaps with some reddish (or grey) streaks?

  11. Silvana is beautiful. I wish her much success in her modelling career as she ages. Her head of grey curly hair is gorgeous! This very straight haired lady is truly jealous.
    Happy New Year to everyone!

  12. I’ve thought long and hard before writing because it’s not really best manners to criticise another person’s appearance, but to some extent, I agree with Julia. My suggestion would be a slightly less overwhelming style given the wonderful quality of Silvina’s hair. Less is more, and such strong curls would possibly be even more striking were it slightly less overwhelming. Just saying.
    But I certainly envy such strong hair. My own silver mane isn’t weak in the breakable sense, but it’s as straight as a yard of pump water with only a small window of opportunity for an updo – if it holds. Which Silvina doesn’t need but which brings me back to her hair. All those products on it! I couldn’t bear them! But then I’m useless; I don’t even know how to blow dry! And I would never backcomb!
    Sad or wot?!
    Happy New Year you all!

  13. Love my salt and pepper grey colour at 48 but its so fine – always was but definately getting worse. I keep it short but the cut makes all the difference. It needs product otherwise it just falls flat but I still haven’t find the right one. Agree that strong eyebrows help

  14. She looks wonderful. But is she really 50? That means that she has been a marketing executive since she was 15? Just saying…

      1. She is 51, I looked her up on the web and her document number is very close to mine (I am 50 and from Bs As too); I am not a stalker!!! I was just curious about her and her document number appeared on the search. I see that you have corrected the text regarding the years she spent on market research.

  15. As someone with typical older, dry, coarse-in-places silver hair I agree with moisturise, moisturise, moisturise and keep the hell away from heat. I’ve also gone back to the vinegar rinse of my teenage years – 1 part organic apple cider vinegar to about 10 parts cold water after washing makes my hair softer and silkier. This model looks wonderful. Her hair reminds me of the equally wonderful mane of artist Doris Salcedo. I sometimes wonder if criticisms of ‘too much curl’ are unconscious expressions of ‘commanding too much attention’ or ‘taking up too much space’ – learned behaviors relating to older women and their general invisibility. It’s also intersectionally problematic, since wild curls are more common among POC. Fuck that. Lean into the wise woman years. Fly your natural curl flag.

    1. ‘Learned behaviour relating to older women and their general invisibility.’? Well, no; Even at 77 no one sleeps while I’m on! As for ‘…intersectionally problematic’ and ‘POC’, I had to check these to discover their meaning as while understanding the unconscious learned behaviour phrase, I would hope to be neither that politically abrasive, nor rude. Thus shall I refrain from commenting on the coarse use of the F word in an inoffensive style blog. And yes, I know that is a comment in itself! But I do agree with leaning into the wise women years. I certainly intend to…when I reach them!

      1. In this instance, Ana, I believe it stands for people of colour and no, I didn’t know either until I looked it up. People are always ‘just’ people as far as I’m concerned.

  16. Gorgeous! Such beautiful bone structure. Sorry Julia, but I respectfully disagree with your comment. I am 54 but, thanks to paternal genes, have a really young face ( my neck , however, has gone to hell in a handcart). I look much younger with my hair coloured chestnut brown, but I am simply no longer chasing youth. Letting my grey come through signifies a fresh start as an older woman. I am embracing cronehood. It doesn’t mean I want to look like a banshee, but I have moved on from from the age of ‘maiden’ or ‘mother’, and undergone the physical changes like joint pain and hearing loss. Sorry for the long comment, but at what number are we allowed to reveal and revel in our older, badass incarnation?

  17. Silvina’s glow and confidence shine through in her pictures. Life would be simpler if I could rock the silver hair like she does. I am thankful too that she and others continue to show the world that women are vital and beautiful at all ages and stages. It is also encouraging to hear that new careers can begin all throughout your life. With the opportunity for retirement coming for me at 55, I enjoy hearing about people who are trying something new!

  18. Silvina looks wonderful. Her hair colour and style express what looks like quite a dramatic personality. I am interested to read about the products for curly hair but wondering if they are just for thick, WIRY, curly hair. I have fine curls and maintaining volume is my issue. It is damp weather that causes frizz for me so I can’t quite imagine that moisturising would be the answer.

  19. Silvina looks beautiful, at 55 I don’t have many greys but will continue to have highlights as I believe this makes my hair look a little thicker as I too, as per some other responses, have fine hair which has recently started to thin. Finding a good dermatologist who specialises in female hair loss was the answer and I am now on a daily dose of minoxidil and spironolactone. Early results are good, new hair is growing! An article on this would be great, as we age it is not an uncommon problem and there are options out there.
    Best wishes to all for the New Year.

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