I’ll always be low-maintenance when it comes to make-up but the older I get, the more interested I’ve become in skincare. At 54, I’m growing-in my grey hair, wearing what I please and embracing my wrinkles – these days I’m much more interested in having radiant, healthy-looking skin. I know I don’t look 35, but I’m happy with that. And from the feedback I receive, online and in person, I’ve found that most women in their 50s-and-beyond are interested in looking good rather than looking younger. Today it’s all about looking healthy and looking after yourself, finding the beauty products that make you feel happy and make mature skin glow. Which is why I jumped at the chance to trial Olay’s new Vitality range.

When it comes to moisturisers, I’m always on the look out for something light and lovely with an SPF. Even though I’m fortunate to have inherited my mum’s good skin – and, it seems, her lifelong Olay habit – now that I’ve hit my mid-50s, I need to restore some vitality. I’ve found it’s best to use different moisturisers at different times depending on the state of my skin: quite sensitive right now with age spots adding a leopard print effect. Bring on Olay Vitality Radiance Day Cream SPF 15 – which is light and fresh and doesn’t leave skin looking greasy/like I’m having a permanent hot flush. And for that extra boost I do love to slather on a decent night cream, particularly at this time of year. Olay’s Vitality Renewal Night Mask feels rich and creamy but absorbs instantly and looks matte not shiny on the skin. The Olay Vitality Face & Décolletage cream is a similar consistency and my skin has been lapping it up over the last week. Once oestrogen has left the building the skin starts to change: collagen loss leads to sagging, lines, wrinkles and open pores, and oil output slows so the skin is potentially drier, which is why it’s important to hydrate my skin and keep it looking radiant and refreshed.


Olay’s Vitality range is exclusive to Superdrug. For additional updates please look at my Instagram feed.

This is a sponsored post.

53 thoughts on “Paying more attention to skincare

  1. The main problem for older skins is dryness followed by age spots. I’m more than ten years senior to Alyson but have managed to preserve good skin. Mine verges on the sensitive so I use ranges for this type of skin in mid price range and fragrance free if possible. The best products I’ve found and use regularly with rotation are the French Pharmacy brands Avene Roche Posay and Caudalie. Now far more readily available from Boots and other large John Lewis shops and Space NK shops and online. For occasional outbreaks of irritation the sensitive skin products of Avene are unbeatable. These brands also do sun ranges. I rate factor 30 of Avene and Roche Posay more than the slightly greasier texture of Caudalie sun. But the latter does an excellent tinted moisturiser with mineral pigment. I wear fair but there’s a darker one for more olive toned complexions.
    Sun spots can be somewhat controlled by use of SPF on face and chest. I’m not keen on using all year round so confine to sunnier times. My Clinique CC tinted cream claims to have some sun protection but probably inadequate if worn lightly. Sun glasses and straw hats or baseball caps always in sin also. My hands are more affected by dreaded age spots. I put layers of sun cream on them but it wears off while swimming hence the damage. Face okay but hands those of an old woman and I’m not resorting to Botox or fillers in hands nor fingerless gloves like Madonna and Karl Lagerfeld. Sometimes I put concealer on hands. Anyone who knows of a brand of body makeup for scars birthmarks etc I could use please let me know. I’ve tried to buy such a thing at Boots and elsewhere without success.

    1. Hey!! Mac cosmetics has a Face & Body foundation I have yet to check out personally but I’ve heard rave reviews on it. I personally know 2 people that love it and also heard it from Utube Guru’s. I also want to buy the It Cosmetics Tinted CC cream I believe it is. Horrible shade range but I heard it’s great.

    2. Some years ago I knew somebody with a large strawberry birthmark on one side of her face and neck plus one on her hand, not horrible but certainly almost shocking at first glance. She used something by Estée Lauder, just looked it up for you and it is still being made and is extremely effective. If you can get to one of their counters I am sure they would demonstrate it and give you a sample to try at home. On their website too – Double Wear Maximum Cover for Face and Body.

    3. Mrs Tonia,
      I can also highly recommend Dermablend by Vichy if you are looking for full coverage on larger area of the body. I have red spider veins all over my lower legs which are hideous. I am only confident in wearing a dress or skirt in the summer months when I use dermablend. It is a bit of a faff to apply but once it’s on it doesn’t budge until you wash it off. It is inexpensive and works really well. And whilst I am here, I have tried the foundation and lipsticks from Beauty Pie and the quality is very impressive. I haven’t tried the skin care yet but am encouraged to give it a go. The prices are brilliant.

  2. A couple of years ago I saw a dermatologist on a BBC documentary who stated that the daycreams with SPF 15 or 30 do nothing for your skin. She said you should use sunscreen with SPF of at least 60 I believe. Since then I use Neutrogena Age Shield Face (available on Amazon, not expensive at all) and it works really well. Be careful around the eye area though, otherwise you’ll eyes will get irritated and start watering. I don’t find it greasy and it certainly helps to prevent age spots and wrinkles. I wish I’d known this when I was 20…

    1. The thing about SPF is that it’s pretty much useless when it’s mixed in another product, regardless of its intensity. In reality the ideal range is 30-50, anything over that makes such a minute difference that it’s not worth the extra cost for the higher number. If you really want protection from the Sun you should use an SPF separate from your skincare. Check out Liah Yoo and Stephanie Nicole on YouTube, they both break it down really nicely

  3. Hi There,
    I really believe in natural organic products for your skincare. I can’t tell you how much benefit you would have from dropping the petroleum based creams which are like junk food for your skin! I will be 53 in April & since i dropped the dept store beauty products my skin has never been better! I am researching the best way to protect your skin from harmful UVA & UVB rays using natural oils as there is another way.

  4. Hi. I realize you need sponsors to earn extra money, but this just makes me feel disappointed that the true essence of this blog is tainted and the only way I can describe how I felt as soon as I realized this was a paid plug was , Ugh. Less of these please. More real posts are appreciated.

    1. Thanks. I appreciate this website and Alyson Walsh’s writing and tips, but now I skim down the latest entries first to see if the latest post is sponsored.

  5. Olay is well priced and probably a pretty decent product BUT does test on animals. Thousands upon thousands of heart breaking tests are ran on animals every year. Let your conscience decide if this is a company you wish to support.

    1. I’m with you on the animal testing. I don’t mind the fact Alyson gets sponsored posts, but I do think telling folks straight up at the lede would be helpful. As for sunscreens and moisturizers, I’m all for more natural products. In the US, I use Badger balms, oils, and sunscreen, Ursa Major (everything), Weleda, and Mad Hippie. I now read that sunscreens – including non-nano zinc – can decimate coral reefs, so I want to make sure anything I use doesn’t further acidify and ruin our seas. I’m definitely into better, simpler skincare (and radiance drops!), but not at the expense of the flora and fauna. “Cheap” never is – not in clothing, shoes, skincare, or how we treat one another.

  6. Like the Aussie range Anthrololgie [ o relation to clothes store] but feel like a change because I think skin needs a shakeup and change , so may do back to Eucerin or Kiehls .
    This morning I used a Ren glycolic mask , not something I’ve ever done before , then used L’Occitane Divine Serum [ a sample of course but I may be tempted] and have noticed a real difference in clarity and radiance .
    I hate fiddly regimes and think 98% of skincare products are hype and useless, how to choose the right products out of the ocean available is very hard.

  7. I’ve been assiduous about skincare since I was a teenager and it’s paid off. I’ll be 75 in April and have few wrinkles which might also be thanks to granny’s genes. I think cheap stuff works as well as expensive stuff for the daily cleanse, tone, moisturise routine. The important thing is to do it. No matter how tired, depressed or drunk I am, the job gets done at bedtime. I do like an expensive treat from time to time, though, as they often feel nicer on the skin – Elemis products are heavenly. I slather on cheapo E45 as a body lotion. It’s fragrance free, so a squirt of Jo Malone or Chanel on top makes a luxe body lotion. I’ve also indulged recently in Clinique’s Moisture Surge Overnight Mask which gives you a pleasant surprise in the morning.

  8. Not wishing to blow my own trumpet but………….I handblend gorgeous moisturising creams with honey and beeswax form our bees combined with botanical oils; they are natural, effective and luxurious. When formulating them we wished to avoid any petrochemicals and love that the creams comply with all the rules to enter the Free From Skincare Awards.
    We’re often asked for a cream with SPF and my response is for folk to use our Fab Face Cream to provide the moisturising base layer to protect their skin from the chemicals which provide the SPF.
    We have variations for sensitive, mature, combination and oily skin as well as a really exciting solution, created by bees, which suits many with eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, acne and cold sores
    We love our bees!

  9. I agree with “K” I was a bit disappointed to read such a blatant advertisement for a product. I naively believed the blog was just us old girls sharing thoughts and tips on getting older with as much enjoyment as possible. My advice for good skin: don’t smoke or sunbathe, obviously. Don’t drink too much alcohol (how much is too much?). And use a retinol based night cream. No other chemical has been proven to work as well, whatever skin care cream manufacturers claim.

  10. I feel Alyson makes it clear to readers when her posts are or are not sponsored posts. Even when for example writing about certain jeans from M&S I didn’t feel that inhibited me and others contributing to a general discussion of where to find reasonably priced jeans which might fit and flatter the more mature body.
    Many recent posts have covered feminist issues and a very significant one not too long ago about coping with the care of ageing and infirm parents. I think there is a good range of topics covered. If it’s a sponsored post by a certain brand all one has to do is skip reading it or not engage with it. That’s my opinion anyway.
    The same applies to the illustrations of clothing from Jigsaw or elsewhere. Take them or leave them.

  11. Allison thanks for advice about Mac body makeup I must check this out. I knew there had to be a product for this purpose.
    I don’t use sun cream on body over SPF 30 but will use SPF 50 on face if on holiday somewhere sunny. With potentially sensitive skin I don’t use retinol cream or chemical exfoliating creams. I stick with a Caudalie granular one Gommage Douceur, works well without any irritation if used once a week.

  12. Occasional sponsored posts are a reality and you, Alison, are discerning and forthright about them. These posts do NOTHING to spoil the integrity that I find every time I read one of your posts. Thank you for being a role model and for inspiring me to love who I am right now. I look forward to every one of your blog posts!

    1. Hear hear (or is it here here?). As bloggers go, Alyson is more transparent than many others when it comes to sponsored posts. I have no problem with them whatsoever and they presumably enable Alyson to vary the other content and make this the unique space for us maturies (made up word) that it is.

  13. I’m into GOOD SKIN AS WELL these days……….MOISTURIZING A LOT MORE does make a difference!
    Hey,pop over and see ICON ACCIDENTAL on MY BLOG this week!!!!!!!!!
    She is SOMETHING!
    LOVE THE SHORT VIDEO I was able to input!

  14. No problem with the sponsored post. If something really works, I’d like to hear about it! I do agree about Avene products.

  15. Hi on a recent trip to Europe we stopped in Abu Dahbi and I had a facial there and they used ESPA skin care on me. I instantly feel in love with the products and have been purchasing them since – I use the Optimal skin pro serum which is amazing and the fragrance is divine – the other products in this range are amazing and my skin is fantastic and the products are natural with no harmful additives.

  16. Hi ladies,I’m told my skin is brilliant for my age,62. I use Lidl cleanser with the pink dispenser, I double wash my face every night. Aldi Laura day cream. However as I’m an avid hillwalker, I apply LA Roche Posy Anthelios 50+,UVB + UVA tinted dry your gel on my face and hands every time I’m outdoors. Hope this helps.

  17. My advice for great skin is something you all have missed, drink plenty of water! Use a noncomedigenic sunscreen and wear a hat. I am 56. I don’t buy expensive lotions. No matter how tired you are, remove makeup at night.

  18. I don’t care if posts are sponsored if they are interesting .
    I don’t ever rush to buy featured items , clothes posts are interesting for setting seeds of ideas I may use in the future .
    Olay isn’t something I’d buy but maybe the post helped others, and the post seemed to extend beyond that anyway.
    It’s a great blog and decent blogs are becoming rare because of Instagram. I don’t use that and never will.I hope you continue to charm us with your thoughts and ideas Alyson

  19. I am 75 now. After baking in the heat in places I was stationed in I finally began a serious rescue about 45 years ago. I am open to new things and read all the adverts and articles in several women’s magazines. I find Loreal and Olay are good for me and may purchase the higher end of Loreal which is Lancome from time to time. I do use micellar water, mild exfoliators, and a Japanese hydrating product. Also I am open to Korean creams but don’t follow the multiple step routines. I do have a Foreo and just last week purchased a jade roller. The jade roller is really super for detoxing the face evening and morning. I was skeptical but now a believer! I set out a pitcher of filtered water and just keep at it; when I’m busy I often forget to drink water which is the simplest and cheapest helper for skin.

  20. Not crazy about L’Oreal products at all. Way too scented and too full of synthetics and questionable chemicals. I prefer lines that are more naturally derived, use less ridiculous amounts of packaging, advertising and other things that drive up prices for the consumer. I use a Vancouver dermatologist line that is readonably priced and suppkement it with an online product that has serums and oils that have far higher percentages of active ingredients like hyaluronic acid and retinol than are found in drugstore cosmetic brands like L’Oreal.

  21. I’m happy to read sponsored posts on here. Alyson is a professional journalist and it is what I expect.
    Seconding Mrs Tonia regarding the range of TNMA articles, I like to read quality, well informed writing and this is what I find here. The post about caring for infirm parents was, indeed, very significant and close to my heart. The community of women who posted supportive comments was so heartening and, I believe, reveal the kind of engagement that is so important to those of us who sometimes feel a little isolated.
    Regarding skincare that works, the Lixir Emulsion that Alyson posted about a few weeks ago has been a lifesaver for my face (often dry/sensitive/itchy/blotchy), and is cruelty free. Great product.
    Where I live NW England there are two local, cruelty free organic skincare brands who make lovely products. I love going in their little salons to get really personal service and human input.
    As a baby vegan, I would love to see cruelty free brands popping up more on blogs, but this stuff is really easy to find if you look.

  22. I’ve been using The Body Shop products in the past year and the difference they have made to my skin is unbelievable. Before becoming a consultant with The Body Shop At Home I never took care of Of my skin, being 44 in a couple of weeks and I was a night shift worker for 10 years the wrinkles were beginning to show a lot. If your looking for a great skin defence lotion I recommend The Body Shop Skin Defence Multi Protection Essence SPF 50 PA++++ very light weight has red algae and vitamin c to help brighten the skin.

  23. Sponsored posts don’t bother me – Alyson should be remunerated for her work – Love her as we do, we don’t pay her bills! Anyway, has anyone tried BEAUTY PIE yet? It’s the latest business set up by Marcia Kilgore, the entrepreneur behind Bliss spas amongst others. You pay a £10 monthly subscription then you can access top quality skincare products and makeup for factory prices. I’ve tried a few products (for my mature skin) and they really are top quality.

  24. I’m 60 this year, with (although I say it myself) scarcely any lines at all. I use Superdrug own brand stuff (cruelty free & vegan), nothing costs over a fiver. My good skin is down to 3 things.
    1. Genetics
    2. I keep out of the sun
    3 I’ve never smoked
    Use whatever you want on your face, spend as much or as little as you like. None of it will make the slightest difference to how you age.

    1. I agree with 99% of that but Retinol is proven to work at reducing fine wrinkles, I buy it from The Ordinary and it costs peanuts. I wish I had kept out of the sun when I was young but then again I love the feel of the sun on my face.

  25. It’s not about looking younger-it’s about looking [and feeling] your best!

    [By the way Alyson- have you SEEN some 35 year olds….?]

  26. Mineral makeup provides natural sun protection (the zinc oxide reflects the rays of the sun away from your skin). I react badly to every single SPF, apart from Zinc Oxyde or Titanium Dioxyde (the physical blocks). So basically, that’s pretty much white paste. Baby bottom cream anyone? It works for me. Yes, it’ll put a slightly pale and interesting moonlit glow on your skin, but a touch of mineral blusher and lip gloss adds colour. Voila: Natural sun protection.

    At the end of the day, skincare is highly personal. There is no one right answer. We are all beautifully unique. I think what unites most middle aged beauties is that we don’t take any cr*p anymore. Less becomes more. We don’t pay for false promises in a jar anymore. Last year, I developed prioral dermatitis out of the blue. I needed to chuck away ALL my skincare and makeup and go completely cold turkey. Once it was healed, I started using only ONE product. Avene’s Cicalfate, a zinc based healing cream. My skin has NEVER been better. Now I just add the blusher and lip gloss and I am all go and glow. It works out at ca £12 per month. One of my 60 year old friends went down to just olive oil and bright red lipstick. Her skin looks better than ever. Prior to that, she was on £500 worth of serums and potions.

    Let’s all celebrate uniqueness and the freedom of choice. If £500 products make you happy, use them! If you use Nothing but baby oil, good for you. If Olay rocks your boat, that’s fantastic. Thank you for your fab blog, Alyson. It’s always a real pleasure to read!

  27. No one has mentioned Boots No 7. I’ve just turned 67 and I use the serum in the pink tube and moisturisers in the blue boxes and do occasionally get compliments about my skin. I find the highest level of their day and night cream (pink packaging) is too greasy for me so I use the next one down. One of Boots advisers told me that there is an assumption that older skin is drier skin – mine isn’t usually dry. Wrinkles don’t really concern me as I think at my age it would be odd if I had none. However I am bothered about age spots and will try to use a high factor face cream this summer – yes I know I should use it all year! I never used sun cream on my hands when I was younger as they never burned, unlike the rest of me, and were the only part of my anatomy to go brown without any trouble. Now I’m paying the price as my hands are covered n brown spots – younger readers beware!

  28. Lots of comments here about accepting sponsorship (one thing I love about That’s Not My Age is that there is always an interesting discussion going on in the comments box) and I’ll be writing a full response to advertising and sponsorship next week.

  29. Advertising on social media is here to stay – now that we don’t read magazines in the same way, advertisers are flocking to where their audience is now. Aly and I used to work together on magazines, which have always relied on paid advertising (let alone the sneakier advertorial). In financial terms the actual sales of magazines are a mere fillip in the compared to the advertising revenue.
    Journalists working on magazines don’t get slated for writing for a publication with ads between the features, and I think it’s naive to think that bloggers can work as hard as they do on a blog without payment – we, as readers, don’t pay for the content! If the ads were clearly labelled, or if they were for inappropriate products – fair to complain – but if you don’t like them/aren’t interested – scroll past – just as you would have turned the page in a magazine.

  30. For Miss Tonia . . .who is looking for a concealer that covers . . . “Dermablend” it’s a wonder product, covers everything and doesn’t wear off even in water. It’s a bit heavy and takes a little practice for perfect application. It’s made for covering all types of scars, birthmarks, blemishes. Available at fine department store cosmetic counters. The staff is usually very helpful and experienced. It’s a life saver.

  31. Readers may like to investigate the products on http://www.beautypedia.com. The reviews are based on research and explain the problems of fragrance on skin, the best kinds of SPF and which ingredients have been proven to help skin. It also tells you which manufacturers test on animals. It was started by Paula Begoun whose wonderful and week -priced Skin Recovery products really have been saviours for me. These are available viwa ww.paulaschoice.co.uk but Beautypedia reviews almost everything from Boots to La Prairie

  32. So much useful advice here. Thanks for all the recommendations about Dermablend. As well as the Mac product. I shall seek this out. It sounds exactly what I want for coverage of age spots.
    I liked the comments about the nature of journalistm and new media. Of course most glossy magazines are full of ages and scant editorial. One accepts that and turns the page or looks at it. I get photography ideas from beautiful ads and enjoy looking at me clothes. I don’t feel impelled to buy anything. Alyson declares her articles dealing with a mix of editorial content her opinions and lists if a sponsored post. Take this one : a mixture of discussion of looking after older skin a few products mentioned but it gave rise to many contributions about good ranges of thing s to try. Someone said its down to genes, not smoking suncare and water. I would second all of that but add not drinking much alcohol and the nice feel of moistured skin. I’ve seen several popular science programs on television about skin products. Boots number seven highly rated. As was Clinique Dramatically Different the yellow lotion. Everyone to their own on the use of skincare as in everything else.

  33. I have to say that regarding the comments concerning your promotion of products, very simply put, a woman has to do what a woman has to do! I have never been under the illusion that your site did anything but promotion, albeit in a way that invited a lot of dialogue.
    And from the beginning, it seems to be you have been very honest about your need to work. Retirement is a beast that must be fed!
    I honestly don’t find the promotional aspect that appealing but I do understand it for what it is and one can easily pass on a given article that feels too promotional.

  34. Golly, I don’t understand the fuss about sponsored articles. If it clearly says ‘sponsored’ how is it different from having advertisement breaks on the telly? If you don’t want to read it, please don’t. I get the impression that a sponsored article would only be written if Alyson felt it applicable to her blog. People can’t expect to be entertained, educated, inspired etc without either contributing any money themselves or expecting the writer to be paid via other means eg discreet sponsorship.

  35. Oh yes…and anything from Superdrug that contains the word ‘glycolic’ has made a massive difference to me. Cheap as chips.

  36. Those with issues re promoting products… do you get paid for your work?!
    Not very supportive of a fellow successful woman, carving out a space with great success in a competitive world!

  37. I love the OLAY line as well Allison. I am 63 with plenty of age spots, wrinkles …you name it!! I must give a shout out for the IT cosmetics CC illuminating cream. It is the best I have found and I have tried many much more expensive options.

  38. Skin care is all about good skin care habits, genetics and skin care products that work for you. Everyone’s skin is different so what works varies from person to person. My skin is not showing many wrinkles (I am 75) For about 10 years I have been using coconut oil at bedtime and any time I need extra moisture. My day time moisturizer is Clinique dramatically different moisturizer, Cetaphil to cleanse. I like to wear a pretty lipstick daily. Makeup is seldom used, but when I do I use blush, mascara and Clinique almost power makeup. I would like to try Rosehip Oil to minimize some age spots. Since my skin is sensitive I avoid most drug store brand products.

  39. I have just discovered this website therefore this is my first post. Could I just recommend a Japanese sunscreen called Anessa. It is made by Shiseido and is available through Amazon. It costs about £35 and is fantastic. It is SPF 50 broad spectrum i.e. both UVB and UVA and is totally colourless and dries mat and doesn’t pil when make up is applied on top. It is available also in a version for sensitive skins without any alcohol and is much the best of any I have tried. I have spent a fortune on different ones over the past two years having had a basal cell carcinoma in 2016 but hated all the others, too greasy too white etc.

  40. There are so many choices out there for skin care. I am with a few of the other readers who believe in supporting the companies who do not test on animals and those companies who also use natural ingredients.

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