I’ve moved on, people. This summer’s pedicure is light not bright. The default coral colour I’ve been relying on for the last five years has been ditched for OPI’s ‘It’s in the Cloud’. This shade of white-not-quite looks fresh and works with white Birkenstock Arizonas, tan leather sandals and everything really. And did you know that the Queen only ever wears one shade of nail polish? Essie Ballet Slippers goes with her selection of colourful dress coats and matching frocks and isn’t visible underneath white gloves (read more HERE). Keeping it neutral, like Her Majesty…


Paler colours and neutrals have always been my go-to for fingernails (mainly because they’re less of a faff) and now I’ve moved onto toes. Here’s a shoefie of my pale pedicure on the street in Athens – and yes, I’m wearing Tevas. The real version not the Prada-ed up style; perfect for rocky Greek beaches and walking around town.

27 thoughts on “The light not bright summer pedicure

  1. That pale colour looks good on you, Alyson, but when I tried an opaque creamy white last week I had to take it off after a few days as it did nothing for me. Give me bright nails every time! I might have the odd – as in lots of – brown spots on my hands but at least my mix of pink’n’purple, blue’n’green, green’n’coral takes attention off my face! I’m lucky enough to have elegant hands, so I’m told, so maybe that let’s me get away with it, dated as some people might think such mixing and matching is. Guesstimating, I reckon there be at least fifty shades of gorgeousness lurking around the house waiting for my weekly game of eenie, meenie, miney, mo… I wear muted colours with lipstick as my only other bright splash so, hopefully, my nails/hands don’t end up looking like a kaleidoscope pattern. And I do have times when it’s one colour only but for some reason the pale colours don’t seem to have my name on them.

    PS I’ve just realised I might have given the impression that I alternate my colours finger by finger. No, I do baulk at that. Usually one, or at most two nails on each hand are a different colour. But admittedly, my hands don’t always match.

    My go-to is a sparkly polish: if my nails look a tad tired and I’m short of time, I run a layer of sparkle over my nails and voila! they’re good for another few days.

  2. Here in the States I use SpaRitual nail lacquer. I don’t know if it’s available in the UK, but the product is vegan––doesn’t include formaldehyde and lasts forever. Also…beautiful color choices!

  3. I almost always go for a pale pink on my fingernails, or some other neutral color. On my toes, I usually go for brighter colors (the default being a deep, true red) but pedicure-before-last I picked a soft white very similar to yours and got a lot of compliments on it.

  4. I was wearing white toenail polish all last summer!! But do you know, it was my husband that hated it?? He thought it reminded him of the old ladies in Florida!! And I want to know why that’s a bad thing??!!!
    Well, this summer, I’m starting out with blue!! Even my stepmom (the 60+ model on my blog) is wearing blue on both her toes & fingers!! I love the fact that we can change it up, right?

  5. I love the very pale nail polish, but I see your feet are tanned and I think that probably sets the colour off nicely. I’m a huge fan of Chanel because the colours are so unique. I use either Cinema, a slightly rusty red, or Rose Confidentiel, the most gorgeous dull old rose. I’m going to try a pale colour, though, just to see the effect.

  6. Me too Alyson i have the same colour on my toes ….usually coral too but sometimes just pale pinky ivory like sea shells. i always put ivory on first anyway as it stops bright top colour staining nail.. it looks very fresh….also noticed your toes/feet are a lovely golden bown from your break….

  7. I’m not too bothered about the colour as long as it’s a polish by Dior. Their brushes are perfect and foolproof. Chanel make some pretty colours but go and spoil it all with terrible brushes.

  8. I’ve got the shade of nail polish you’ve featured in the same make but I found it doesn’t go on very easily. The brush strokes show so you need several coats to get a reasonable coverage 🙁

  9. I like both, bright and pale. After 4 weeks of pale (Essie Spool me Over), I will change for something bright tomorrow. On my fingers, I love red, berry tones and burgundy – or Essie Vanity Fairest for a milky white, always coming back to that one because it applies like a dream (no streaks!), its not opaque but not too transparent either…

  10. I love all the OPI neutrals. I think the final look depends on your skin tone. If your feet are very pale, you can wear anything. If they’re fleshy or pink, a neutral is better.

  11. Three of my favourite polishes are all mentioned here – Ballet Slippers, Rose Confidentiel and Cinema. Maybe we all stick to a few tried and tested whilst owning a truckload of polishes. However, navy makes me look like I have heart failure. ps the Tevas look great and comfortable.

  12. SPOOKY! I was just thinking on the train (as you do) that I want do my toenails white before I go away on Sunday. A woman by the pool a couple of years ago had it and it looked so chic.

  13. I don’t get mine painted anymore. I get the super shiny buff — and they charge me $5 extra. Worth it. And my buffed toes also look great with my white Birkenstock Arizonas!

  14. Jodie, I am wearing navy blue on my toes at the moment, so your comment made me smile. Always a pale neutral on my fingers when I bother to wear polish. I’m still a fan of my grandmothers teachings: buffed nails with a whip of nail white pencil. Classic and no-maintenance. Inevitably when I actual polish my fingers I chip it with 24 hours working in the garden, typing, unlocking a door, and so on. I do love that white-not-quite, though.

  15. Okay if you have nice looking small feet toes and nails and tanned feet but doesn’t work with my large size 6 or US size 9 feet. My sister in law in Florida wears a silvery polish which looks good with delicate feet which are tanned. I stick with coral still. Newest Chanel one is Corallanium or something similar by OPI. Hands a different matter : I’ve tried light slightly pearl pale varnish and that is attractive.

  16. Essie Ballet Slippers was probably never going to be high on my wish list (I like really pale or really bright colours) but as a devout republican it’s good to know what to avoid. Back when I was still had to do a corporate 9-5 job I used to enjoy wearing emerald green nail varnish to see how long it would take for someone to mutter the word inappropriate…….

  17. Yes. Pale toes for a change and this Summer, I’m going for bright coral or pink on my fingernails for some reason. Usually, I’m a ballet slippers on my fingernails and proper red or pink on my toes. Its quite a change!!!

    I LOVE Tevas. I was introduced to them by one of your lovely followers a month or so ago when I moaned about sandals for real people. I’ve been wearing them ever since with all sorts and feeling cool, Summery and comfortable. Thank You!!

  18. Currently wearing Aubergine Tevas and deep pink toenails which I will change to a soft bluefish green tomorrow. And always my toe ring remade from an earring found when snorkelling in the Cayman Islands.

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