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This might be too much of a spring forward but here’s Caroline de Maigret looking lovely, in a field. Boden has enrolled the super-chic model/music producer to show off the more pared-down elements of their collection (she also appears in the Karen Millen campaign). The co-author of How To Be Parisian Wherever You Are has that low-key, effortless look that I love. Very Jane Birkin.

Jane Birkin, 1970. Photo: Marie Claire

There’s enough fabric around the armhole of Boden’s broderie top to cover my scraggy armpits (I’m not so bothered about wobbly triceps, this is my bete noir).┬á Plus, it comes in indigo. Very Isabel Marant, available HERE.

Broderie top_WA708_CHM copy

Looks great with the girlfriend jeans available HERE. Go head-to-toe Birkin with a pair of ballet flats, available HERE.

Caroline de Maigret_WO030_NAV_M02
Baseball tee, available HERE.

There’s a video of Caroline Maigret talking Bay Garnett through her wardrobe on the Vogue website – think Casual Glamourpuss meets Ageless Rocker. The person whose wardrobe the 41-year-old would most like to raid is…Keith Richards. And, isn’t this last picture of Jane Birkin sur la mer fantastic? It’s starting to feel a bit more spring-like in London, bring on le weekend:

13-iconic-summer-Jane Birkin
Birkin in a boat:,1974. Photo: Marie Claire


20 thoughts on “Caroline de Maigret is everywhere

  1. Great post! Loved the videos. Great advise, from women that truly know fashion and how to wear clothes. My favorite advise is: “Ageless timeless approach to dressing.” Also, I took note that all the models own a large collection of jackets that can be worn in many ways. With jeans, dress slacks…. The heavier coats, both mid length and longer were beautiful too.
    Thank you for bringing these videos to our attention. Greatly appreciated – Susan

  2. Lovely effortless style. That French thing again! I enjoyed the videos too – especially loved the Vogue editor with the messy wardrobes – made me feel better about my jumble! Agree with Susan above, you can never have enough jackets and in the UK you get plenty of opportunity to wear them.

  3. When I saw the outfit with the white T tied up exposing so much mid-section…. and the lacy top that looks like it came from the junior department , I was surprised and disappointed. These looks are not really what anyone over twenty-five is going for to achieve a look of sophistication. If I were to see any grown woman wearing these items anywhere, I’m sure I would get the giggles.
    I travel to France often. spending about two months of the year there. Honestly…French women know better than this. These women in the videos are promoting a vendors clothing….they are working…. I really doubt any of them would wear that sweet little top beyond being photographed to sell it.

  4. Love the White boho top and jeans… This is the kind of thing I live in and it’s perfect for the climate here (sunny Brisbane, Australia). I get loads of compliments when I dress similarly (mainly I’m T-shirts or some kind kind of similar piece and always jeans – I love a little Isabel Marant!) and I’m not far from 50.
    If you can rock it, do it.

  5. Love the White boho top and jeans… This is the kind of thing I live in and it’s perfect for the climate here (sunny Brisbane, Australia). I get loads of compliments when I dress similarly (mainly I’m T-shirts or some kind of similar piece and always jeans – I love a little Isabel Marant!) and I’m not far from 50.
    If you can rock it, do it.

  6. I agree with G, some would look rather odd on a lady of a certain age…..kind of things I wore 40 years ago. Smacks of trying too hard. In any event, don’t try to steal the looks of the young……very, very sad! Particularly when there is so much stylish stuff out there for the mature lady! Just a thought….

  7. thank you! What a beautiful combo of elegance–the clothes, the toothy smile, the beautiful abs. so much grace. Take that, Kim Kardashian. ha! your scraggly armpits! we’ve all got ’em.

  8. Bloody Jane Birkin and her effortless bohoness was the bane of me teenage years – I never suited 70s fashion but looked great in all that 80s shoulder padded dominatrix stuff. So won’t be surfing the Boden website this season! However there are plenty of other companies like Whistles, Cos and ME+EM doing the kind of Puritan clean lines that I like and that’s really the point isn’t it, there is enough variety out there that mature women can style themselves in whatever suits us! And just for the record I don’t yearn for a return to shoulder pads……..

    1. That made me laugh, Maureen – did you know that in 1990 the V&A asked people to donate their shoulder pads for a sculpture? Agree about Cos, Whistles and Me + Em.

  9. Marie Claire – Jane Birkin
    it ain’t no ‘boat’ but a pedalo for all those kids who remember med holidays in the 70’s!

  10. I love the baseball T in indigo blue, I think I’ll be popping that in my basket! Its really strange but I spent most of Friday in bed with a cold watching Bay Garnetts “Inside the wardrobe” feature and my favourite of her guests was definitely Caroline De Maigret, so effortlessly cool and Parisian. Thanks for sharing the Boden shoot, I would never have imagined Caroline in Boden but she even makes the yummy mummys favourite cool ­čÖé

  11. Although she is beautiful, let’s be honest. She is not your average over 50 year old and what she wears would look just plain silly on most of us. That white broderie top looks like it belongs on a teenager. Her long straggly hair wouldn’t suit ANY older woman I know. And although I like a few of her jackets (from the video), most were simply ‘hippy from the 70’s’ looking. I’ve always read that if you’ve lived through one trend, don’t wear it again. And let’s not even talk about the extreme cleavage on her jumpsuit. Apparently, she doesn’t live in the same gravity field that I do.

  12. Gosh – what a disappointment, albeit gorgeous fresh faced young girl with great hair and abs, but beyond your use of real fur in your posts, Alyson, I think I’m done. What happened to you championing those of us over 50 – I mean really over 50? I’m all for holding a high standard when it comes to taking care of ourselves. It gets harder, but it is a way to stay healthy, strong and beautiful. But this? C’mon – you could’ve done better for us?

    1. I’m sorry you feel like that, Robin and will be sorry to lose you. I continue to champion women over-50 (and beyond) but why does it have to be exclusive? I started this blog in my 40s and though I try not to use pictures of very young models, I still use images of women in their 40s. And to my knowledge there has been only one post where a guest at my book launch party was wearing fur, I have since taken that down.

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