Katherine modelling Lulu Frost jewellery


Lisa Salzer-Wiles the designer and founder of Lulu Frost jewellery gets it. I know this because as well as creating this beautiful campaign championing strong women of all ages, she’s one of the designers I interviewed for my new book Know Your Style (further details HERE)I thoroughly enjoyed chatting to New York-based Lisa over the phone; in fact, she came up with one of my favourite laugh-out-loud quotes (no spoiler alert, you’ll have to wait and see).

Lulu Frost jewellery is ace. I have a couple of pairs of chandelier earrings that are perfect when I’m after a spot of Casual Glamour. The top picture shows the Jackie necklace, bracelet and drop earrings. Middle is the single mesh necklace and then above is the Plaza pendant necklace.  The campaign acknowledges women of style and substance throughout the ages – the Jackie Collection is named after Jackie O.

Trae modelling Lulu Frost jewellery

Top picture: rings and things from the Zodiac collection and above the Josephine sequin collar, named after Josephine Baker.

Claire modelling Lulu Frost jewellery

The Gloria earrings and bracelet are named after Gloria Swanson.

Sarah Sophie modelling Lulu Frost jewellery

The Rose earrings (above) are available HERE. Lulu Frost sells online HERE and is also available at Liberty, in the UK.

More lovely Lulu Frost:

12 thoughts on “Celebrating women of all ages: Lulu Frost

  1. I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to see the older models in this, Alyson!! Because jewelry is ageless and we all wear it well.
    Heck, my mom (the 70+ model on my blog) never leaves the house without some kind of bling on her neck, ears or wrists!!!

  2. Now THAT is a woman who sums it up. She is obviously old and is not pretending anything else. But she is still uncompromisingly herself. I like her forthright stare. She is weighing the viewer up, not the other way. That is how it should be.

  3. What a stunning lady. True to herself without any surgical intervention and looking fantastic. Also, what a diverse collection of bling she has created. Love, love the black and white photo of the hands holding the necklace. Hands always tell such a wonderful story.

  4. Undoubedly a lady to be respected! Great understated look, completed by fab jewellry. I don’t buy a great many clothes any more, but regularly add to my jewellery collection. Never leave the house with my staples of earrings, bangle, rings & red lippy!

  5. Thanks Alyson for another interesting topic. Like you I have a super piece of Lulu Frost jewellery bought at J. Crew shop at Rockefeller Center in New York a few years ago with birthday money. A Art Deco style necklace with enamel and diamanté. Very striking even when worn with a grey round neck pullover. Or high necked plain charcoal Oska dress. It adds just enough occasion to a plain outfit and is always admired and commented on whenever I wear it. Money very well spent. Like others here I’m never without my jewellery: everyday silver necklaces rings and bracelets even to the gym.

  6. I’ve always loved Frost’s jewelry, and now it’s lovely to see her and read this post. Beautiful, beautiful, and I love seeing images of women of different ages together in one post. We need to do more of this I think. Hmmm. Thank you.

  7. Just to clarify, the striking woman in the first photos (who is, I believe, the one garnering rave reviews in the above comments for her strong look) is *not* the designer Lisa Salzer-Wiles, is she?
    It’s confusing when the photo is directly above copy that names someone who is not pictured and the pictured person is not identified. Just wondering if you could clear this up, Alyson?
    I think this is the designer: https://www.lulufrost.com/about

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