Today I’m discussing luxury shirts over at the FT’s How To Spend It blog. As part of the Cherchez l’homme feature I interviewed a couple of designers, including Nick Wakeman from tomboy chic label Studio Nicholson. Wakeman regularly looks to vintage menswear for inspiration and has been working on a collection of beautiful shirts for autumn.

I also mention some of my favourite women in men’s shirts moments: Jean Seberg in a striped cotton version in A Bout de Souffle, Patti Smith photographed by Robert Mapplethorpe on the cover of Horses and Helmut Newton’s iconic 1975 French Vogue picture of the Yves Saint Laurent Le Smoking.

Granted the YSL shirt is more of a pussy bow blouse, but the designer used men’s tailoring techniques for women and that’s good enough for me. Wakeman told me one of her favourite fashion moments is this image of Coco Chanel with her friend Marthe Davelli the opera singer taken around 1931. ‘They’re both in menswear and look so effortless and strong because of what they’re wearing. It’s an enormously inspiring image for me.’

And when my computer starts behaving itself properly, I’ll have a picture of yours truly in a new Margaret Howell MHL shirt. You can read the full How To Spend IT article here.

11 thoughts on “Cherchez l’homme: menswear-inspired shirts

  1. I love the look of menswear-inspired clothing, but find it very hard to pull off with a curvier shape. I'd love to find that perfect, slightly oversized shirt to wear over slim-cut jeans.

  2. I do love my mens shirts and sweaters, probably more than i do my dressier pieces, and reach for those first every time. Spending a huge amount on something that inevitably winds up with lunch, coffee, or who knows what all over it, however, doesn't make a lot of sense to me. Good tailoring, good fabric, under $150 and I'm pretty happy.

  3. Hi there!! A really inspiring post and I love the YSL photo. I also love masculine inspired shirts, am wearing a Zara Mans shirt today in chambray pinstripe. Hope you are well too xxx

  4. I think the menswear look has a personality that goes with it. Katherine Hepburn and Lauren Bacall both able to wear ut well. Just like some men can wear ruffled shirts and look great. Ala, all the James Bond men???

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