I’m over on the Guardian fashion blog talking about one of my favourite topics: comfy shoes. And how wearing them no longer means dressing like your nan. I have a lovely chat with footwear designer Tracey Neuls who created these fantastic styles and is on my radar at the moment.


Which ponyskin Tracey Neuls shoes should I buy?


21 thoughts on “Do comfy shoes mean you have to sacrifice style?

  1. The ones at the bottom, they are lovely! But aren't that heels I see? Aren't they a tad to high for your liking? (hahaha, see my Oxitaly black pointy boots on your fridayflats, they are the same height!)

  2. Thank you for clarifying that pony hair is not made of ponies. We were having a big discussion at the salon two weeks ago about pony hair. No one was really sure and Google wasn't helpful!
    I like #1.

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