The sparkly chandelier earrings are taking a sabbatical. My multiple midlife ear piercings require a reboot. Now that there are three holes (again) in my left ear and one in the right, I’ve had to rethink my earring arrangement. Playing around with a line-up of more delicate silver styles, I have single studs from Astley Clark and hoops from Melissa Joy Manning (available HERE and HERE). And to celebrate the launch of Know Your Style, Julia Dobson the founder of Village England bags very kindly sent me a pair of Everleigh ‘sail shaped’ sterling silver earrings handmade in the UK.

Sale shaped earrings. Photos: Village England

Delighted with the gift, I’ve been wearing these lovely earrings ever since. Unaware that Village England had diversified, I asked how the jewellery collection came about, ‘It started with a very random conversation with our CAD designer Cressida,’ Julia tells me, ‘it turns out that CAD work is her sideline and she has a small jewellery business. One thing led to another and she agreed to make a few pieces for me. It was pure self indulgence.’ Chic and simple, some of the designs are handmade in Devon by Cressida and others are made using the CAD moulds she created, ‘I do love jewellery, but clean, simple designs. Unfussy pieces, well-made so the materials are as important as the shapes – much like our bags really.’


Village England are offering That’s Not My Age readers 20% discount on the jewellery collection. Simply use the code: Jewellery20


And here’s some more ear candy:

10 thoughts on “Multiple midlife ear piercings and a special offer

  1. My friend Valencia has EIGHT piercings in each ear and a few more scattered across her beautiful face. I have three in each ear and feel “bare” in comparison!

  2. Dear Alyson, nice post. I suggest also a post about the aging of ears: I cannot wear pendant earrings anymore because the hole is now too long. And even if I should do the surgery to close the holes and make new ones, I think I would not wear pendants anymore because the same problem should occur.

  3. Does anyone know about earlobe creases? (If you have them, you know what I’m referring to.) I’ve heard theories ranging from creases being the sign of ancient nobility to creases indicating a shorten lifespan. Whatever the cause, I’d like to get rid of them. Any thoughts?

  4. I had my earlobes pierced years ago and never got around to really making the most of earrings so the holes closed up in my 20’s. Am toying with the idea of an ear piercing further up my ear now. Any suggestions?

  5. Alyson, lovely jewelry. I can see you in those sail-shaped earring – in fact, I thought the second photo was you for a sec, until I read the credit! (Small typo there, by the way – it says “sale” rather than “sail.”)
    @MELANIE STEINEMANN Have you tried Etsy? It may take some digging but you should be able to find exactly what you’re looking for. Here’s just one example of many. 14K gold-filled:
    Also, I’m a big fan of Catbird’s jewelry. This one’s solid gold:
    (I’m not affiliated with either shop. I just love the hunt!)

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