The latest ‘older models who are younger than me’ post is aristo-supermodel, Stella Tennant (47) in the Zara Denim editorial. I’ve long been a fan of Tennant’s glam rock, androgynous style and haughty elegance and am pleased that she’s still in vogue. The granddaughter of the late Duchess of Devonshire says that her low-key look hasn’t changed much since the ’90s  – and that, living on the Scottish borders, she always wears a vest

Double denim, khaki pants and tan leather boots, Stella Tennant making Zara’s basics not-so-basic. Me gusta mucho.

More stealth-y Stella style here:



32 thoughts on “Older models: Stella Tennant for Zara

  1. She still looks amazing. But the pockets on those khaki pants are brilliant! You could actually carry something in them.

  2. Love her ‘no fuss ‘ attitude obviously inherited from the late great Duchesse Debs , whose life has always fascinated me . True Aristo style , being true to yourself whatever mainstream trends dictate . She always looks great in that khaki ‘land girl ‘ look.

  3. She rocks it! Really great looks. It should be common that brands shows their fashionwear on all kind of people.

  4. What a beautiful, stylish Gentlewoman! I love this style. Ms Tennant looks so much like her grandmother. I hope she has as much fun!

  5. She’s amazing and love her looks, and style. I did order the olive green pants and will report back – I have high hopes…

  6. Like others I am keen on the wide leg olive trousers shown here.
    A tall slender forty something model may be better than a young one but a little diversity wouldn’t go amiss. The good looking models with high cheekbones tend to still look good in their 40s like Helena Christiansen and other 80s supers. Good that they can still get jobs.

  7. I endorse the above….BUT, how about some models on here who are actually more ‘normal’ in size…& I’m not talking obese, size 16, which is I believe the average in the UK! Maybe of course there aren’t any! A little more parity would be a good idea!!

  8. Oh, I do love Stella…and the category “older models who are younger than me.” LOL’d at that. Next: plus-sized models who are smaller than me.

  9. Thank you for this post. Ms Tennant, you look terrific. And effective advertising: Next stop, Zara website —

  10. I’m totally into my new baggy jeans. However, at 5’5″, I’m finding I need a very close-fitting top. Ribbed striped tees for that 70s vibe? Where or where be my mock turtles!

  11. Stella Tennant and Tidla Swinton, two fabulous models and role models as well. Everyone wishes for curvy models, but I am tall and straight and old enough to have lost my curves, so it takes some courage to go au naturel for me.

  12. Not very representative of the average older figure – probably as far away from it as the usual teen model, so a pretty empty gesture which may even alienate older potential customers.

  13. I so agree with A.Murphy. Would love to see some “normal” size older models. Another challenge for women.

  14. Great to see older models in Zara clothes however this means little unless their shop assistants are trained not to ignore this demographic.

  15. For me I appreciate seeing the skinny woman, since that more reflects me-especially the very small boobs part which I’ve been insecure about all my life-beginning with my mom letting me know I was inadequate as a teen. Though I’m not as thin as her. And I like her style too. So there’s that 🙂 Diversity I think is what we’re all wanting.

  16. I wasn’t in a position to notice Ms. Tennant (or anyone else in the fashion world) much her first time around, and I’m enjoying noticing her this time. She and Tilda Swinton (mentioned by commenter Saba): both appear to be fascinating personalities, admirable people, talented artists..and, by the way, beautiful women. Thank you for this post, Alyson.

  17. Women of every age, shape and size is what we want to see…. looking elegant, modern and inspiring. I believe it will come slowly but surely as blogs like yours Alyson make those in marketing and advertising aware of what women want and demand more diversity. Thanks for all your inspiring posts!

  18. Loving Stella and the looks but older really!

    Agree with size comments. Weird things seem to happen your shape when your menopausal.

  19. Wonderful Gentlewoman clothes but I heartily endorse the above comments – let’s have some ‘REAL’ women with bums. tums and bosoms. It would say something for the fashion industry if they could prove their clothes looked stunning on ‘normal’ bodies!!

  20. Alyson,
    I discovered your Blog last year and have been reading it ever since. Hats off to you for taking on such a sisyphean task as trying to please so many people accross so many different age groups from what I imagine is the 40’s (I’m 49) to the 100’s. It must be no easier than trying to please everyone in a 16 to 45 age group.

    I’ve read this post with interest because I’m a similar age to Stella Tennant and really want to voice my opinion on the ‘why can’t we have models who look like real people’ debate which rumbles on – just the term ‘real people’ gets my goat !!!. This may surprise some people but not all ‘real people’ are overweight. I’m a real person, I’ve had 3 children & I’m a size 10. I don’t survive on lettuce leaves and water, I just eat a healthy diet and exercise. Many, many ‘real people’ are slim and have no wish to see clothes modelled by overweight people. A size 16 may be the UK average, but unless you’re nearing 6ft a size 16 is overweight.

    Of course the other reason that the fashion industry uses and will continue to use slim models of any age – (please refer to Pam in Guardian Weekend All Ages) is that the clothes generally hang better on a slim body. The fashion industry is just that, an industry that wants to make money from promoting aspiration – no one aspires to be overweight. They want you to look at the clothes, see they look good & spend some money.

  21. She is, as always, awesome. She’s younger than I, and she always will be. She’s taller than I, and she always will be. She’s skinnier than I, and she always will be. She’s better looking than I, and… well, who knows? … Still, I like her long, lean frame and am glad that Zara went with her…. even if she isn’t a “normal” woman.

  22. I agree with all of these points. Except for the Plus size models who are featured occasionally in magazines one doesn’t see anyone more round or less tall. Once a year French Elle used to feature what they called Les Rondes. Pretty and confident young women dressed nicely. Max Mara also ran a campaign for the rounder woman featuring Patricia Arquette and some other women of normal size. Can’t recall the name of their Plus size range. And the big fashion issue of Grazia this spring had a group of models on the cover : a willowy blue eyed blonde, a willowy woman of colour and Maye Musk representing a willowy ex-model with short grey hair and a lined older face but long legs and finally a normal looking pretty brunette described as 20something plus size model.
    Small changes but it would be good if Alyson could feature normal attractive women of her acquaintance wearing interesting outfits. I remember a feature with some university colleagues of hers.
    Re Zara I shop there and used to buy quite a bit but never expect help. I rummage through the racks, select those outfits size L or XL as a function of their cut. Try in changing room if I like something and purchase and wear. It doesn’t matter if it isn’t intended for a 60something like myself.

  23. I’ve always liked this model. Even in frilly clothes she looks strong, confident and modern! I’m short and I do not in the least have problems with seeing models for who they are. I’m able to appreciate and admire clothes for what they are… I don’t need models to be my “guiding light”.

  24. She is fabulous. But why Zara? There are so many incredible independent designers who are working by the values of genuine creativity, respect for the environment, support to local suppliers and workers – please let’s no longer support fast, destructive companies that sell “stuff” and not fashion.

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