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When the Guardian asked me for some grown-up style resolutions for 2016, these were informed by old rather than new pledges. Go on, as you mean to go on. Things I’ve been saying for quite some time, like the importance of Casual Glamour, fabulous flat shoes and silk shirts. As we get older it is important to be aware of the fashion zeitgeist, know what’s going on and then assess and refine our wardrobes. The aim is to look fresh and modern, not frumpy. I also believe it’s important to be a considerate, savvy consumer and not buy loads of shit clothes, and unnecessary stuff.

One thing I have been planning to do, is to overcome my Decluttering Plateau. I’m pretty good up to a point but now I think I might need help and I keep reading about Marie “KonMari” Kondo’s new book Spark Joy: An Illustrated Guide to the Japanese Art of Tidying. This could be just what That’s Not My Age Mansions needs.

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Which brings me onto the Scandinavian concept of Hygge (pronounced hoo-ga); of feeling cozy and snug, and being kind to yourself. There comes a point when staying in is preferable to going out, particularly on a Scandi Saturday night with a couple of episodes of Nordic drama to keep you company (I’m missing The Bridge, but not to worry, Follow the Money and Blue Eyes are coming soon). Forget fad diets and Dry January, now is the time to say yoo-hoo to Hygge. Your clothes can contribute to this cosy feeling, too – think luxury loungewear, cashmere jumpers and socks, sheepskin slippers. Uniqlo and M&S are brilliant for reasonably priced colourful cashmere tops; just add chunky socks, a pair of luxe leggings or jogging bottoms from Hush, Winser London or Boden, light a few candles, grab a glass of red wine and some posh chocolate, and revel in the Hygge factor.



Read the full Guardian feature HERE.

18 thoughts on “Style for the coming year and Hygge Chic

  1. Sounds like I’ve been Hygge for a while . I love to cuddle up in cashmere with a glass of red wine , my Daylesford candle ,chilli chocolate and The Bridge .
    Can anything replace it ?
    Even when young and out on a date I’d be wishing myself home with a good book .

  2. Love Marie Kondo ! As a person who loves to de-clutter I enjoyed reading her book. While I do not adhere strictly to all she claims (I keep my socks in a ball for organization purposes) the basic concepts work, if you want them to. Best of luck!

    BTW, am feeling more comfortable with me as I turn 50 this month. Lots of life changes in the last few years. Still working out but bought clothes to fit my body now. I’m loving White House, Black Market and JCrew + Clarks shoes are the best !

    Also still enjoying your lovely book !!

  3. I love your site and only offer my picture because I feel that you would appreciate the effort….I am 51 and thankfully have had many women before me lead the way on fearlessness, creativity and love of fashion…regardless of age. I buy pieces that speak to me and this vintage headdress was one that I chose to wear at New Years. Next time with jeans and t-shirt:) Stay true sister! Love from across the pond and the Commonwealth 😉 /Users/brendamurphy/Pictures/Photos Library.photoslibrary/Thumbnails/2016/01/03/20160103-160819/zFVI8ZxoQsmibcQhjD7y7g/thumb_IMG_7751_1024.jpg

  4. I’m trying to conceptualise the reverse of Hygge for the post-Christmas Australian summer. When it gets really, really hot and the UV rating is in the ‘extreme’ category, you don’t want to be outside during most of the day. During the week between Christmas and New Year, we tend to hunker down inside in the air conditioning with box sets and chilled wine, emerging later when the sun is less intense for a late walk or swim in the ocean if you’re lucky enough to live near the coast.
    For hot-weather hunkering down – chilling out at its most literal – you want loose, light clothing, maybe with a swimsuit underneath for that quick jaunt to the beach to watch the sunset.

  5. Just wanted to start the New Year by telling you that I really enjoy your blog, your style of writing and your attitude to life and stuff! I am worlds away from it all up here in Wester Ross in the Scottish Highlands, but I have my moments!
    I’m feeling positively Hygge at the moment in my ‘Florence’ dress snapped up from the current ‘Wrap’ sale, an old purplish silky wraparound scarf from ‘East’ and my old scarlet studded’ Rieker’ cowboy boots. I’m 63 and I’m not ready to join the fleece and anorak brigade quite yet…..
    All the very best

  6. Oh god yeah, Hygge is the way forward! Before I went to Copenhagen a few years ago I read a fabulous little book about all things Danish called Xenophobe’s guide to the Danes. In it Hygge is explained in lay terms because they say it’s a feeling & doesn’t thoroughly translate. It occurred to me that I’d naturally been living this way for years & it suited me down to the ground. Perhaps it’s something to do with aging?
    Thanks for the heads up on new dramas, hubby & I are also missing The Bridge.

  7. When it’s -25 Celsius who wants to go out? Even the car hates to go anywhere in this weather. Build a fire, put the kettle on, settle in to watch PVR’d episodes of Downton. Then maybe a little de-cluttering? Or not. Hygge-ing is big here in Eastern Canada…even if we didn’t know that’s what it was called:)

  8. Our youngest daughter used Kondo’s Spark Joy book last year to unclutter her apartment, and she had to ask each piece of clothing if it still brings her joy, and if not, to thank it for it’s service and then place it in the donation pile. She had a wonderful time cleaning and getting her place in order, which has never been a top priority for her, and now has a system that worked wonders for her. Do give it a go!

  9. Love..the book…read over and over and use a something everytime. Glad to know I’m that worldly and did know it as far as fashion, here’s to hygge !

  10. Some parts of Kondo’s book inspire, some are useful, some I found a bit silly, truth be told. . . but I’m editing and culling like mad right now as part of a move toward an eventual downsizing/move to the city. . . it’s a bit sobering to see what one acquires since one’s last move (which, in my case, was 20 some years ago . . . ).
    I’d say balance the Kondo-ing with lots of Hygge, and you’re golden! Happy New Year!

  11. I don’t drink wine and am not a particular fan of chocolate but hyyge is right up my alley at the moment. I woke today to find it had snowed in the night and was also pouring with rain, possibly the most dreary start to a day one can imagine. The prospect of lots of hot tea, reading on the sofa beneath a nice blanket and wearing thick socks is what really appeals. Instead, we are driving to Nottingham down the M1. I shall while away the time thinking what needs to be chucked on my return.

  12. Thank you for all your interesting ideas , advice as I have lost my way with fashion ,being over sixty and not ready to give up nice clothes .

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