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Something funny happened this morning, I received an email from Amazon suggesting fashion books I might like to buy and there was Style Forever in the subject header (I know, cookies. But allow me…) Mr That’s Not My Age double-checked just to make sure I wasn’t hallucinating. Also on the book list was, ‘The Secrets of Parisian Chic’ by Ines de la Fressange – out next year, which I’m looking forward to. This whole grown-up lady author business is like an out-of-body experience, I still can’t quite believe it. And so hectic. I keep thinking things will calm down and I’ll have time to sit back and reflect on my literary achievement. Ahem. Hopefully that will happen at the Style Forever New York launch party next week (at the Michele Varian store in SoHo). By the way, if you’ve left a comment saying you’d like to come – you’re on the guest list and I can’t wait to see you there.

The Velvet Party Jacket is on hold till I get to New York and I’ve been thinking about a pair of standout Book Signing Shoes. Something flatt-ish and fabulous that I can stand up in for three hours. Current favourites are the Saint Laurent star-embellished sneakers, the Miu Miu glittery flats (another Once in a Lifetime purchase) though, depending on the Velvet Party Jacket price, it might have to be the Keds for Kate Spade.

We’re heading to New York today (don’t worry, I won’t be travelling long-haul in a jumpsuit) and I’m writing this when I should be packing and putting my notes for the fashion conference together (tickets still available HERE). Though news from the front room, I’ve just heard Mr That’s Not My Age say, ‘Oh bollocks, the flight’s delayed.’

18 thoughts on “Style Forever heading to New York

  1. WOO HOO! That is nothing short of awesome Alyson! Woman, you are my inspiration. Loving the jumpsuit but yes could be tricky on a long flight.
    I’m so jealous about New York….

  2. Love my regular thatsnotmyage fix. On the subject of shoes, am loving Chie Mihara at the mo, quirky, and fabulously comfortable.

  3. Nothing like holding your own finally in-print book in your hands and saying, “Wow, I wrote that!”, and nothing like a book launch. Congratulations times 100, and have loads of fun!

  4. Have a wonderful time in that great city. Your book lives on my bedside table and when I visited a friend earlier this week, she took me up to her room to show me the new curtains, and there was your book on her bedside table too! Just imagine that in a million plus bedrooms all over the world!

  5. Dear Alyson,

    I think you look great in the jumpsuit; very sweet picture! It would indeed be good to travel in- everything will be covered, with no cold wind coming in unless you want it to..!! I have a copy of “Parisian Chic” on my bedside table- I got it last year [in South Ken., bien sur!] and hope to get “Style Forever” very, very soon!

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