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My gorgeous friend Navaz Batliwalla interviewed me about Style Forever for her blog Disneyrollergirl. Navaz is a fashion editor, consultant and industry expert, I call her my Net Nanny because she’s been blogging for longer than I have and often provides me with expert advice. You can read the full interview HERE.

Navaz has a style book coming out in 2016, so I’ll be returning the favour soon enough.

12 thoughts on “Style Forever Q&A

  1. I love that you were brutally honest about what a pill it was to actually write the book; you'd said so here on the blog, but to make the point that writing something took effort, and wasn't merely something you popped off in your summer break days, was refreshing. Now, if you could get your publisher to move up the US release date instead of making us wait……..

  2. Really honest interview and I agree with Gretchen – refreshing to read what hard work it was writing the book.
    But worth it, Ms Walsh! Congratulations again.
    And can I have your shoes please? No, honestly, I do totally need those shoes… (and you rock the chambray/denim combo by the way – respect).

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