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Thank you card from Project Pretty

The best thing about writing a book has been the lovely feedback I’ve received from the readers and followers of this site. Do excuse my tardiness, I’ve been meaning to say this for a while: thank you. Emails, tweets, online comments, proper handwritten fan mail – one of my friends even tells me her 86-year-old mum has started reciting quotes – whatever the format, it is always warmly received. And as Style Forever launches in America on September 8 2015, I’m hoping there’ll be plenty more.

One of the things I knew I had to get right, when writing ‘the grown-up guide to looking fabulous,’ was the tone. I wanted Style Forever to be informative and fun and not a same-old, same-old patronising style guide. When we’ve reached a certain age, we know about our body shape and have an idea of what suits, but sometimes we need a little guidance or reassurance that we’re doing the right thing. So, I’m delighted that Style Forever comes across well and I’m just sorry I haven’t had time to reply to each and every comment. A great big THANK YOU for buying the book and taking the time to send a message, it’s very much appreciated.


Here are just a few of the messages received:

Donna: ‘Just bought Style Forever I love it, it’s like someone has made sense of what I think and how I want to dress now I’m 50! It’s full of great suggestions and tips…most of what I’m already doing but it’s good to know I’m getting it right. My new bible!’

Rosemary: ‘Thanks for creating something great for us older women.’

Susan (in the US): ‘I’m looking forward to purchasing your book so that I can step into my fifth decade with grace.’

Nicky: ‘I’ve given so many copies of your book to friends, it’s superb.’

I’m currently working on an exciting project that means I’ll be out and about, meeting and greeting this autumn, more news to follow. Oh and on a completely different note, Winston Churchill’s green velvet siren suit is on display at the Science Museum. I’m going, are you?

Alyson x

12 thoughts on “Thank You!

  1. Please be in Paris the first week of October! I enjoy your blog very much. I’ve been doing a long stint of grandchild care which leaves me somewhat isolated, and blogs like yours bring the world to me each day. Thank you. Stormy Smith

  2. Living in Toronto = delayed arrival of your book. Luckily came through and I received my copy fresh out of the gate. It has been a great guide – thank-you for this.

  3. Looking forward for September ,if you are going Kindle,or October to buy it myself in my favorite city -London 🙂 ! I hope it is first in series of your books
    Can’t wait!

  4. I have already preordered your book and can’t wait til it is released ere in the states. Your advice here is very good and makes me feel that the book will be a winner on my shelf.

  5. I would love to, Michelle – if only someone would arrange it for me! Think I’m going to be in New York in November, though…

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