Alyson Walsh; That's Not My Age;
Photo: Dvora @Fashionistable

That’s not my Christmas jumper, or my birth date, but it is a Christmas gift to self. So easily done. This is more of an ‘it’ jumper than a Christmas jumper. Bella Freud’s Instagram-friendly, slogan knits have become modern-day cult classics worn by the likes of Kate Moss, Alexa Chung et al and are so popular, the designer has just opened a shop on Chiltern Street, London (where else?). The 1970 jumper came about when Freud was playing around on the photocopier, and then pinned the printout to her jumper. Apparently there’s no significance to the date, the numbers just look good together, graphically. Though I suspect that the seventies being a rich, counter-cultural decade helps. Freud often references music, art and psychoanalysis – a family business – in her work. The 1970 jumper is available in fine Merino wool HERE and Freud’s range now includes candles and perfume, available HERE.

Bella Freud candle_in_pp

We’re heading up north to stay with friends for a few days and I’ll be needing a pullover. Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas, thank you so much for staying tuned, for your brilliant comments and for buying Style Forever – your continued loyalty is truly appreciated.

Alyson Walsh; That's Not My Age;
Doing a spot of seasonal blending with my navy summer jacket & 1970 jumper

And if you fancy a belated Christmas to self: Bella Freud’s classic Je t’aime Jane sweater is available HERE. And a selection of other styles HERE.

Back in a bit,

Alyson x

12 thoughts on “That’s Not My Christmas Jumper

  1. I love that you have an alternative Christmas jumper in the former of Bella Freud! I’ve always loved these but felt I should have 1967 on mine.
    Perhaps I’ll go for another design altogether….

  2. Very cool jumper, and a bit mysterious. If people ask you what it means, you can just smile with a faraway look and just say, “Ah, 1970… yes.”

    Have a wonderful holiday, and best wishes for a smashing 2016!

  3. I love your jumper and your look. The red white and blue really pops. You look amazing. I shall be copying that 1970 punchy statement. Have a great Christmas and heres to 2016. I look forward to following your posts.

  4. I have jumper envy! I did consider asking Mr B for it for Christmas but was worried that it might look like I was lying about my age 🙂 Maybe I should gift it to myself?? It looks great on you x

  5. Young charming look. I’ve seen sister of Cara Delevigne wearing the same in Grazia article. And she’s thirty something. Tall and slim model. However it’s way too expensive. More affordable good quality knitwear available in cashmere from Uniqlo, on sale from Jaeger and Toast. I customise mine with sparkly brooches, necklaces, silver and cheap ones from Zara, and a range of wool/silk scarves.

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