Style Forever Launch

Hello and welcome to the new grown-up That’s Not My Age. While I’m settling in and figuring out how to put my pictures up, let’s get the party started. Talking of partying, these photos are from the Style Forever launch at Duke Street Emporium. A very big thank you to Team Jigsaw for organising such a lovely eventRead more

Getting married over 40

  Not 40 yet but definitely a future FABster, Solange Knowles. Photo: I’m still here, awaiting the move. In the meantime, I’ve written a piece for the Guardian on the modern, fuss-free bride – and getting married over-40. Here’s the LINK . And here are some inspirational brides: Kate Moss in Thea Porter at herRead more

That’s Not My Age is moving…

Photo: Tim Walker I’m moving, this week. Details to follow. Finally. After a lot of faffing and financial woe (but that’s another story, and one that I will tell), I’m going over to WordPress. Initially planned last summer, I had to postpone the move and get on with writing Style Forever. To be honest, afterRead more

Meeting Linda Rodin at Liberty

  When I heard that Linda Rodin was making a special appearance at Liberty, I dashed over there like Paula Radcliffe in her prime. Carrying a signed copy of Style Forever, of course. I haven’t mentioned my book for at least a week, you must be really missing the perpetual chuntering… Having had a fantasticRead more

Older Models, jumpsuits and the Prada Laundromat Video

This new Prada video is FAB! Created by Autumn de Wilde (I know, me neither), it’s one of a series called The Postman Dreams, has a very Wes Anderson feel and features a gorgeous older model getting her kit off in a laundromat: Isn’t the green jumpsuit fantastic? Though it’s a bit on the boldRead more

Famous women on getting older

The Queen always reminds me of my mum. Same cauliflower hairdo. Anyhow, Her Maj was 89 this week and I like this quote from the Red online feature, Famous Women on Getting Older: ‘Don’t retouch my wrinkles in the photograph, I would not want it to be thought that I had lived for all these years without having anything toRead more

Daphne Selfe and Skate Shoes

  The Vans & Other Stories collaboration modelled by Daphne Selfe (and Flo Dron, below) has got me thinking about skate shoes, again. It’s the perfect weather for a slip-on and the spotty leather Dalmation style would look neat with my faded black jeans.   The three Vans & Other Stories styles Fans of Vans will be pleased toRead more

The Tweed Run 2015

Photo: Evening Standard Photo: Bike Pretty I’ve been spending a few days with family and friends and attempting a Digital Detox. With the occasional Instagram moment, like yesterday’s splendid Tweed Run: The Tweed Run is an annual 10-mile cycle ride around London where the participants get kitted out in their finest tweed togs and a donation (of the entry fee)Read more

Carine Roitfeld collaborates with Uniqlo

Japanese brand Uniqlo continues to champion French Chic with the Carine Roitfeld Collection for autumn/winter 2015. The global fashion director for Harper’s Bazaar and former editor of French Vogue has said that she’s dressed the same way for the last 20 years , so I’m thinking: pencil skirts, boyfriend shirts, couple of chic dresses and a cheap tuxedo, all with the trademark mussed up, rockRead more

What to wear to your own book signing

  In case you were wondering what the grown-up lady author about town wears for special events; that’s me signing books at Bath in Fashion . The Showbiz Jacket is by the Belgian label Essentiel and I found it in a sale shop in Antwerp . I’m not so selfie-obsessed and so never really make the most of  photo opportunities.Read more