The clocks are well back now and November’s…November. Says Vicci Bentley. But we Brits are famed for our sense of humour, no? So imagine walking into Anya Hindmarch’s Sloane Street store one grimy morning last week, to find it transformed into a big bright model train set, with a giant pair of nostrils for tunnels.

The reason? Anya Smells. And not at all badly, either. For our best-loved accessories designer has teamed up with Lyn Harris (aka Perfumer H and another brilliant Brit) to launch a trio of candles inspired by happy memories. Take Sun Lotion, bursting with Mediterranean oranges and lemons, vanilla ice cream, warm skin musk and a salty sea air tang. Enough to take you there?

Get high on Coffee, laced with cardamom, rooty vetiver, patchouli and comforting amber comfort with a hint of woody incense for good measure. Or go all misty eyed with Baby Powder’s petal-soft rose, violet and musk – the nursery scents of a tot’s soft skin. To cap it all, each candle is emblazoned with a graphic from Anya’s Sticker Shop and comes in a box with a phrase or face on each side that you can twist and play around with.

‘I’ve always been obsessed with combining playfulness and irreverence with craftsmanship,’ says the woman who brought us purses with googly eyes and smiley faces as well as those super-stylish bags with the reef knot logo.

Glancing over at the candles – now vanishing up a nostril on wagons drawn by a toy engine – Hindmarch hints at further scented treats to come and with Lyn Harris in charge of the formulas, things can only get better. This, remember, is the woman who launched Miller Harris perfumes and is now known for her exquisitely sensual, authentically-scented bespoke touch.

Anya Hindmarch & Lyn Harris at the mirthful new launch

So huge respect to a genius team with the guts to let their funny bones show. It can take a lot to get the press to crack a smile, but believe me, I’m still chuckling. The giant nostrils may have vanished from the shop now, but the mirth lingers on…

Anya Smells Candles cost £50 (175g) and £150 (700g) and are available at Anya Hindmarch stores in London, New York, LA and Tokyo and



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