Jerry Hall’s first Vogue cover in 1975 (styled by Grace Coddington) was photographed by Norman Parkinson in Montego Bay. I’m quite old-school when it comes to fashion photography – as you can see by my ‘Fab Photos’ board on Pinterest –  and this happens to be one of my favourite pictures, ever. So. I’m, er, made-up that Charlotte Tilbury has collaborated with Norman Parkinson’s grandson Jake (who runs the late photographer’s archive) to use a small selection of iconic, summer images on her beauty products. How lovely.

Makeup bags with the 1975 bathing beauty shot of Jerry Hall – also styled by Grace Coddington – available HERE:

bathing-beauty-pageAnd the ‘on call’ May 1975 Vogue cover shot, available HERE:

Charlotte Tilbury_on-call_-pageThere’s a highlighter powder featuring the young Carmen d’ell Orefice in a 1959 Vogue shot, available HERE.


And a never-been-seen-before 1956 shot of Parkinson’s wife Wenda on the lip and cheek tint, available HERE:


I found a great FT interview with Jerry Hall and Grace Coddington, talking about working with Parks, HERE. ‘I loved him’ says Hall, ‘He was an old-style gentleman photographer, very polite, very thoughtful – but he wanted the picture. He had a sense of “big” – you know, big spaces – he would choose panoramic views and had a great sense of movement across the page. He always enjoyed you moving, doing some kind of a shape, which I really enjoyed, too.’


8 thoughts on “Charlotte Tilbury’s Norman Parkinson collection

  1. Love Norman Parkinson’s photography, esp for Vogue. When I was a child we lived in the middle of rural nowhere in the far north, but my mum had a very glamorous friend who very kindly passed on her old copies of Vogue to me. One of the first ones she gave me had a series of photographs taken by NP of Jerry Hall on a trip to Russia. I think the red bathing suit photo above might be one of these? I remember stashing away and keeping all those Vogues for literally years.

  2. Me too, Sue – fantastic photography, so full of life. That picture is from Russia & I seem to remember it was taken without permission from the authorities…

  3. He took some incredible photographs of Jerry Hall in the USSR in 1975, for British Vogue. In an interview reported in FT Magazine on 3-29-13, Ms. Hall said:
    “… I think we were the first fashion magazine to have been invited to do photographs in Russia. This was in the mid-1970s and we had to travel around with Intourist guides and they were taking our film. Parks was worried they might not develop the film right, so he asked me to stuff some down my pants, which I did – I was very young. Anyway, we got the film back and then he said to me afterwards, `Actually, the Russians developed the film even better than we did over here and we needn’t have bothered.'” (source: http://www.ft.com/cms/s/2/74ca03f0-9675-11e2-9ab2-00144feabdc0.html)

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