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Friend of That’s Not My Age and Fabulous Fashionista Jean Woods is the subject of a painting shortlisted for the BP portrait award at the National Portrait Gallery. Aside from running 50 minutes, three times a week, and working in a local lifestyle store, the 76-year-old with the statement haircut and penchant for Doc Marten’s has been busy modelling for Bath-based artist Richard Twose (whose painting is one of the three finalists shortlisted in the competition) and the Guardian’s All Ages line-up. How fabulous!

Photo: The Guardian

Have yourself a very Happy Easter.

15 thoughts on “Forever Fabulous: Jean Woods

  1. I appreciate the painting but Jean is such a difficult character to capture in this way. She is so much more vibrant than a painting could ever depict. I think she is epic and a real inspiration. H xx

  2. Bags of attitude and comfortable in her own skin – a lady to emulate! As far as the painting goes, I wonder why she was painted looking so serious?! Happy Easter!!

    Ali x

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