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Ten days maybe a long time in politics but it’s nothing when you’re transitioning. Just ask Caitlyn Jenner. The toner used by Charles Worthington to give my hair more of a silvery sheen was only temporary, and so now I’m back to Gronde (grey-blonde). Though I’m still happy with the overall, more natural effect and liking Philip Kingsley’s Pure Silver shampoo and conditioner. At London Fashion Week today, I got into a lift with one of my Grey Haired Heroines: Vogue’s Sarah Harris. I tried my best not to give her the Hair Stare, but it wasn’t easy – Harris’ long platinum locks are ace. This reminded me of an incident, many years ago when I was new to the whole fashion week thing. Unaware of the etiquette, I jumped into the back of one of the sponsored people carriers and asked (as the vehicle pulled away) if it was OK to share a lift to the next venue. At the time, as we drove from one side of London to the other, I wondered why the Vogue Team weren’t very friendly – it’s only now with hindsight that I appreciate car sharing at fashion week isn’t a thing. I had practically hijacked Vogue’s private vehicle. Oops, awkward.


After the show, I saw Grey Haired Heroine number two: Bergdorf Goodman’s Linda Fargo leaving the building. Even under an umbrella, in the pouring rain, I could spot that shiny silver bob a mile away.

Oh and thank you to those people who have sent me messages about problematic email updates. I’ve had this checked out and, apparently, it’s working OK, now. This may sound a bit obvious but the best thing to do is to check junk mail to see if the update is there. If it is, then add to your email address book.

14 thoughts on “Grey-Haired Heroines

  1. These are stunning examples. Sadly I’m a very mousy blonde/gray and not ready to let it go its own way. Perhaps I should just dye my hair silver white and call it gray:)

  2. They’re lovely photos, Alyson, of lovely women with great hair. But note they’ve both got strong contrasting skin tones to their grey and white hair. If you’re really pale, grey/white hair would not be a good look.

  3. Having made the color transition two years ago, I can tell you that my head now automatically turns to look at a silver sisters hair. It reminds me of being pregnant and all of a sudden noticing other waiting bellies that never caught my eye before. Not only that, I’m tempted to smile and compliment with a “me too”! We’re lucky to be in a time when we have so much support via blogs, news and other digital access that gives connection and support to our choices.

  4. I stopped coloring my hair almost two years ago and have never looked back. It has been one of the most liberating experiences and has lead me to make other changes such as streamlining and minimalizing my wardrobe. I was surprised by the many compliments I receive, and woman telling me they wish they could do it. A lovely lady told me my hair was “stunning” which is not a word I would have thought of using to describe it but it really gave me an ego boost!

  5. Penny I was just going to post what you said! I have fair freckly skin, blue eyes and originally had very dark hair which started going white at 14. Now it is a creamy platinum achieved by highlights twice a year and the occasional few foils at the back to blend it in and add some brightness and oomph. Brightness is the key with light skin tones. Think Gwyneth Paltrow and how she keeps her hair bright blonde. You also need a sharp cut and lots of shine. Great glowing skin (see Linda Fargo’s). And brighter make-up and clothes. If you have olive skin and dark eyes like Ms Harris (who is also beautiful, young and impeccably dressed) then less effort is needed. I have to make much more of an effort with the rest of me now than I did when I was tinting my hair another colour. I’m free of the tyranny of roots and feel much more like my authentic self. But it’s a style choice, not an excuse to give up.

  6. My hair is silver at top and temples and salt and pepper at the back. I would love to have my hair entirely silver, but my Aveda hair dresser says she can’t duplicate my natural color. Any ideas? Are the grey-haired beauties lucky enough to grey all at once?

  7. Rochelle – hardly any of the celebrity “grey haired beauties” are entirely natural. They have help ranging from all over permanent tints to semi-permanent glosses and toners. My hair is still fairly dark underneath at the back but white on top, front and sides with hardly any dark hairs. I have a full head of cap highlights (up market platinum bleach solution I think) and then a creamy toner added. This happens twice a year and blends in the back with the front. Occasionally if necessary I will have some foil highlights at the back to blend in the dark. The overall effect is a creamy platinum white. It looks entirely natural. It’s fairly low maintenance I think, and the effect is excellent. Discuss this option with your hairdresser and see what she thinks. Good luck!

  8. I’ve gone grey in one go since having all my old colour chopped of in May this year. I’m very pale with originally red hair, my grey is about 80% with some hints of red remaining and I’m totally natural coloured now and I think it works with my skin much better than it did when it was dyed. I’ve actually stopped using violet toner shampoos as think they cool my hair tone too much and have just gone with a high shine treatment. I’ve changed my makeup and added some paler warm tones to my wardrobe and think I look (and feel) better than ever! Pale skin and grew hair can work

  9. I have let my natural ‘Arctic Blonde’ colour come in and at times when I find myself hesitating and wondering if I should rethink this whole situation, I am inspired again to embrace my natural colour when I see all the beautiful grey haired ladies on your blog. At 61 I feel authentic and it certainly is so much easier and lower maintenance, especially for travelling. I’m never a fan of seeing white roots when the wind blows. I use Blonda shampoo and conditioner by Unite, a brand from the U.S. that is also available in Canada. The product is paraben and sulphate free and I alternate with another shampoo depending on my hair needs, volume, moisture or smoothness. Please keep showing the beautiful stylish ladies embracing their grey hair, it encourages all of us that have gone that route! A great haircut I feel is a must as well as nice makeup and a confident attitude!!

  10. I am 52, black and my hair has been going grey for about 20 years. I aspire to be completely white haired, which is what happened to my dad, he looked fantastic and I lust after a clean white crop………..I have to make do with a mixture of black, grey and silver grey hair. Dyeing it is not an option, it would look false and as I’m lazy, re-growth would look awful. Anyway, I really like my grey/silver hair…………just wish it would turn white overnight!
    Lovely site, just discovered, will be back

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