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Hooray for Grey. The model agency, not the book. First came Mrs Robinson Management, now there’s Grey Model Agency, representing ‘the beautifully ageing mature model,’ like 61-year-old Meg McNaughton (above) who started modelling in 2010, and Sara Stockbridge the almost-50-year-old former Vivienne Westwood model and Grey Ambassador:

Sara Stockbridge_1-591x700Sara Stockbridge copy copy

Founded by former photographic agent Rebecca Valentine, earlier this year, the fashion world is glad to see grey, ‘We’re delighted with the hugely positive response we’ve received in the media – absolutely ecstatic,’ Valentine tells me, ‘It just goes to show that the international market is ready to embrace the Grey!’

long grey hair
Alex modelling for White Hot Hair

Having worked in industry for over 20 years, Valentine set up Grey Models because she was finding it more and more frustrating that brands targeting the 50+ market were getting it wrong. Either they simply weren’t using older models, or they were using much older models – the kind seen in adverts in the back of the Daily Mail. ‘They weren’t being true to the older age group,’ she continues, ‘but that’s changing. Now the market is demanding a true representation of their generation: from long hair and trimmed beards to a well-maintained figure and natural silver hair.’

older man, grey beard
Anthony Fitzgerald, 50

As we all know, 50 doesn’t mean fuddy-duddy or frumpy, we are Generation FAB and we intend to stay stylish. ‘Our boards seek to reflect the diversity within this age group, while still presenting unique, characterful and aspirational good looks. For many years I have wondered why there has not been a model agency celebrating the character of this generation –  and very few pushing men of this age group forward – being pro not anti-ageing. Well, now there is!’

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  1. At last and brilliant news. I allowed my hair to go grey in my mid-late 40’s and have not regretted it. I try to be as true as possible to my self so who not show my grey hair.

  2. That first picture is so pretty. And reminds me that its high time I bleached my teeth. I have a quick question. In your grown up shop at the side, you have a Mango bag – do you own one? And if so, is the strap long enough to go cross body? Its half price now, but I only want it if I can wear it hands-free.

  3. Beautiful – and it’s grand to see a man represented here too! I am in the process of going silver and appreciate these images. xo

  4. Excellent. I love this grey hair topic. I’m transitioning to grey in an organised way, from copper brown dyed colour. I’m letting the Daniel Field water based colour fade back, am using a paler Ash blond water colour tint, and not colouring the front at all to grow a grey section to display. Getting teeth whitened again tomorrow. Next, I’d like to go from Ash tones to my grey/white tones but as I have long hair I’m not sure how yet without looking a mess for a year!

  5. After chemotherapy treatment, my previously straight dark hair grew back curly…….and grey. I decided not to use chemicals to change the colour and I love it. So does everyone else.
    Thanks for this article. Grey is the new black!

  6. Hello Lucy, I don’t own the bag but I had another look online and the strap looks quite long (no dimensions given though, sorry!) – but it’s not adjustable. It’s lovely though; worth the risk?

  7. That long hair. Silver. Funny how using that word changes everything. We talk about being golden blonde all the time…silver grey. Even sounds wonderful. Am going to crop my greying mop very short later this month. I look a bit like a mad Brillo pad at present.

  8. So needed and welcome! It’s true they were using models that were too young or too old! We are generation fab and thrilled to see us respresented properly!

  9. It’s brilliant. Although, I confess, now that we have models my age I no longer think of myself as “looks great for her age;)” It’s a double-edge sword, this, when your demographic warrants a beauty icon.

  10. I’m 71 and still have a lot of dark hair; and no, I don’t dye it, my aunt dtill had naturally dark hair well into her 80’s. I am very interested in watching my hair change colour and look forward to seeing the final result. Go gray!

  11. Absolutely love and adore your blog. It inspires and gives those of us at the young age of 50 and older a new way to view our life. It’s gets so tiring hearing people comment on 50 and older, as if it is the age we are supposed to be invisible to the world. We are beautiful and have just begun our “real” life. There is something so liberating at turning 50, one gives up trying to impress anyone else…and we start living the life we dreamed of all along.

  12. Transitioning from 20-30s originally darkest brunette to 40-50s dyed warm darker copper brown to mid 50s generally paler mixed stylish silver. I’ve noticed and admired a look on the street; shoulder length coloured hair and the front left uncoloured to fall in two defiantly silver lines at the side of the face. It’s one way to gradually welcome and display grey, silver or white natural hair.

  13. I let my hair go gray at 50. I’ was a natural dark honey-colored blond, but now have pale silver in front with some mixed grays in the back. At times one can see a slight natural blonde tint in the front on some hair strands. I love it, although people often complimented me on my haircolor when I was younger, the compliments haven’t stopped since I am older–actually they have increased. Now at age 69 people tell me how lovely or pretty I am more than I ever heard when I was coloring the gray, in spite of the fact that now I now have some lines and other signs of aging. I really like not having to touch up my hair color constantly, and the looks I get now are more amazing than when I was young. I look forward to getting older, because I’m not hung up anymore about piling on the years. But, also, I think it is because I can look back on a life well spent, a huge base of knowledge I have collected and some exciting things I have planned for the future. Go Gray!

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