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— by Alyson Walsh

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Hooray for Grey. The model agency, not the book. First came Mrs Robinson Management, now there’s Grey Model Agency, representing ‘the beautifully ageing mature model,’ like 61-year-old Meg McNaughton (above) who started modelling in 2010, and Sara Stockbridge the almost-50-year-old former Vivienne Westwood model and Grey Ambassador:

Sara Stockbridge_1-591x700Sara Stockbridge copy copy

Founded by former photographic agent Rebecca Valentine, earlier this year, the fashion world is glad to see grey, ‘We’re delighted with the hugely positive response we’ve received in the media – absolutely ecstatic,’ Valentine tells me, ‘It just goes to show that the international market is ready to embrace the Grey!’

long grey hair

Alex modelling for White Hot Hair

Having worked in industry for over 20 years, Valentine set up Grey Models because she was finding it more and more frustrating that brands targeting the 50+ market were getting it wrong. Either they simply weren’t using older models, or they were using much older models – the kind seen in adverts in the back of the Daily Mail. ‘They weren’t being true to the older age group,’ she continues, ‘but that’s changing. Now the market is demanding a true representation of their generation: from long hair and trimmed beards to a well-maintained figure and natural silver hair.’

older man, grey beard

Anthony Fitzgerald, 50

As we all know, 50 doesn’t mean fuddy-duddy or frumpy, we are Generation FAB and we intend to stay stylish. ‘Our boards seek to reflect the diversity within this age group, while still presenting unique, characterful and aspirational good looks. For many years I have wondered why there has not been a model agency celebrating the character of this generation –  and very few pushing men of this age group forward – being pro not anti-ageing. Well, now there is!’

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