Nursem: the hand cream soothing healthcare workers’ hands

— by Angela Kennedy

Nursem’s Caring Hand Cream


Washing and scrubbing our hands has never felt so important. And Nursem could not be a more apt name for a great initiative. For 11 years, paediatric nurse Antonia Philp suffered severely with sore, chapped hands from all the constant washing (statistics say that nurses wash their hand as much as 55 times a day, and no doubt a whole lot more in these extraordinary times). Then, together with her husband Jonny, the couple made it their mission to help find a formula that would help soothe hardworking hands. After seven years research, working with nurses and teaming up with Newcastle Science City, they launched Nursem through a Crowdfunder campaign in 2018. For every product sold, the company provides a month’s free Nursem hand care to a nurse or mid-wife; they’ve helped over 21, 330 nurses and midwives to date. With the latest news that retired nurses are being asked back to help tackle the Coronavirus pandemic, no doubt they’ll be providing products for a whole lot more.

‘Relentless hand washing is something I have had to live with for over a decade,’ says co-founder Antonia Philp, ‘The situation with Covid-19 has really highlighted the importance of not only hand-washing but also the need to put those essential oils back into your hands.’


Nurses enjoying their free supply


So what’s it like ?

This thoughtful initiative has garnered much love. Supported throughout by industry experts and trialled by panels of hardworking hand-washers, including: florists, gardeners, hairdressers and of course nurses and carers, every product has been clinically tested, is free from parabens and petrochemicals, and suitable for sensitive skin. Downright sensible in every way, Nursem does the job brilliantly and leaves my hands feeling nurtured and smooth. Giving them a bit of TLC right now my regular mani’s off the menu.



Nursem co-founder Antonia Philp

It’s hard to make sense of these uncertain times but one thing we know is that good hygiene is essential. By supporting small companies and hard-working nurses, we are helping just a little bit.

Check out Nursem HERE, the Caring Hand Cream is £9.99 as is the Caring Hand Wash. There’s also a helpful hand washing video HERE.


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  Washing and scrubbing our hands has never felt so important. And Nursem could not be a more apt name for a great initiative.