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Having worked as a ballerina, an actress and a Las Vegas showgirl, Eveline Hall was in her mid sixties when she started modelling. I noticed this week that the French brand American Vintage has used her in their latest ad campaign. Which is good news, it’s just a shame they’ve dressed her in such dreary clothes.

The American Vintage execs should have followed the Guardian’s All Ages line-up for a lesson in How Not To Dress A Mature Model. Hall looks so much more striking in monochrome or red, or monochrome and red:

Photo: Stylebook


Photo: Urban Zintel
Photo: Citizen K

But, I do like American Vintage t-shirts and own the Jacksonville v-neck in a range of different colours. Available to buy in a selection of neutral shades and non-dreary electric blue HERE.

And I will be adding these images to my new ‘ Gorgeous Grey Hair’ Pinterest board. You can follow me on Pinterest HERE.

Photo: Citizen K


There was a great Eveline Hall quote in French Elle (which I found via A Femme d’Un Certain Age; thanks, Tish):

‘ What’s the best age? I would say it’s this very moment. I would like to be an inspiration for young women, to prove there are no age limits. My face reflects my life, my personality. One has to forget about surgery and liftings, one can be beautiful and sexy, but one can no longer be young.’


29 thoughts on “Older models: Eveline Hall

  1. She's fabulous! I'm most intrigued by the shots in which she appears to be wearing very little mascara or eyeliner. While she carries off the heavier eye makeup in the other shots beautifully, she also looks great in a polished "natural" eye. As my own eyes and surrounding tissue age, and as I suffer increasingly frequent bouts of eyelid irritation, I'd love to know how she carries this off so well — it helps, obviously, to have magical eyes with so much eyelid real estate to contour. Any tips for mere mortals of post-60?

  2. First I've seen her and what an interesting looking knockout!
    *hoping 'knockout' hasn't been added to ever growing words that offend list

  3. First I've seen her and what an interesting looking knockout!
    *hoping 'knockout' hasn't been added to ever growing words that offend list

  4. I'm not sure her face reflects her life, unless she's rarely smiled or frowned. I suspect she's no stranger to the cosmetic surgeon and so, in my opinion, as lovely as she is, I don't think she's a great inspiration for young woman.

  5. materfamilias – let me get back to you on that. And as you point out, Eveline does have deep set eyes and a lot of lid to play with

    GSL – we like 'knockout!'

    loobiloo – I'm not sure about the surgery but she does have amazing bone structure, and these images have been Photoshopped. I've added another pic that's more natural (though strangely when I look at it on my computer Eveline is more wrinkled but Blogger – or the size of the image? – seems to erase some of the fine lines.

  6. She definitely believes in equal opportunity in air brushing of photos. I can understand that if the young (that don't need it) do it then certainly the old (that need it) should do it. However, it really doesn't reflect what true aging (with a little work) looks like and maybe that is not her objective.

  7. If you google Eveline Hall you can actually find a few pictures of her that are not as heavily airbrushed. Much more impressive in representing an older model rather than any of these obviously altered photos.

  8. Ms. Hall has very beautiful facial features, lovely hair and a dancer's lithe body. She is, or will be, 70 years old this year. Can't those of us who do not know her leave it at that and just enjoy her photographs?! Leslie in Oregon

  9. I think the reason for the observations and comments on the enhanced photos is the same as when it is done on young models. It sets unrealistic expectations. You can admire a person's natural beauty, style and discipline of diet and exercise. However, when they are projecting an image that is unrealistic then it is not inspirational but misleading. Every generation needs a role model not an illusion.

  10. Lovely woman and pictures. The comments about airbrushing/photoshop are interesting. The model usually is long gone from a photo session when those modifications happen and rarely has any say about it. As to plastic surgery, for me, I do not care. To each their own. Same with staying grey or not. Aging does not need to be approached the same for everyone for the person to be a valid representation of a mature model. Viva la difference!

  11. I absolutely admire her.Age is just a number
    It is never too late to live your dream.
    I also started to live my dream at 63
    I’m a model and doing charity pageants.
    The people still want to put you in a box,and feel you need to be in the kitchen and keep yourself busy at home and play with the grandchildren.

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