There’s nothing I really want for Christmas, I’ve got too much stuff already, but I have just asked Mr That’s Not My Age if he’ll find me the Dinner Ladies box set. The 90s comedy written by Victoria Wood is set in a factory canteen, up north  – my dad worked in a factory and my mum was a dinner lady, so it reminds me of home – and we can watch it when there’s bugger all on telly over Christmas. There’s a lovely interview with Victoria Wood in today’s Times, the 61-year-old has this to say about ageing:

‘Ageing is inevitable, yet it takes up a huge amount of people’s energy trying to combat it. We accept this burden –  of being judged by our shape, wrinkles, double chin or grey hair – but I think it would be good if we just said “Eff off”.’

‘The most important thing is to appreciate what you have got. Because you will never get any younger. And if you’re trying to look like a young girl, well there’s a million younger girls born every minute, so it’s sort of pointless. If you don’t celebrate who you are and what you’ve learnt then what’s the point?’

12 thoughts on “Quote of the week: Victoria Wood

  1. Now there's a lady totally comfortable in her own skin!

    For me it's not about fighting ageing….waste of time, But trying to ensure that as I age, I can be as healthy physically & mentally as it is possible to be.

    Dinner ladies ….a classic but not sure how the humour would 'translate'.

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