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‘I’m sure it’s osmosis from my mother,’ says Linda Rodin when I ask where her love of a strong lipstick comes from, ‘I never saw her without, it was the 1950s and women wore lipstick. I have pictures of her looking very glamorous in bed, wearing a pink bed jacket and lipstick.’

Rodin is one of the first women I’ve interviewed for my second book (yes, I’ve finally made a start!); I admire her style, her ethos and aesthetic. And I love her miniature poodle Winky. She tells me she spent three years working on the new lipstick range to add to her Olio Lusso beauty line (acquired by Estee Lauder in 2014), ‘The lipstick is very creamy, I don’t like glossy or drippy or matte – I can’t function with that. It has a little stain and stays on for a long time.’


The packaging is the same Lucite used for Rodin’s lip balms, the colours are classic and timeless and will run from one season to the next. I’ve tried Rodin’s Olio Lusso face oil and Crema hand and body creme and if the quality of these products is anything to go by, the lipsticks will be fab, too. So, how does Linda Rodin recommend wearing her new lipsticks? ‘Use a pencil to line the lips and fill them in and then apply the lipstick over the top. I’d wear all these colours; the nude one is a note to myself at 16-years-old, when I wanted to look like Twiggy and Brigitte Bardot. Lipstick finishes everything off – and it doesn’t have to match, if you’re wearing red, your lipstick can be hot pink. ‘

Rodin is currently working on a set of lip liners to go with her lipsticks – meanwhile, I’m working on a little Rodin-inspired style:

19 thoughts on “Linda Rodin talks lipstick

  1. A crate of lipstick would be my luxury of choice if I were a castaway on a desert island. I love the sound of Linda’s creamy one. I always wear lipstick – it just lifts my spirits.

    Linda Grant in her book ‘The Thoughtful Dresser’ tells the story of the British army officer in charge of Belsen who was dismayed to find that a huge consignment of lipsticks had arrived when he was in urgent need of medicines etc. but he changed his mind when he saw the delighted reaction when they were handed out to the liberated women. I can really empathise with that.

  2. Hi there,
    I too love lipstick,always have done and that too comes from my Mother who even managed to put her lipstick on for breakfast!!!
    Are these fabulous looking colors all free from animal testing? If so I will deffinatly buy.

  3. That’s a great picture to go with your story. I don’t always see Linda Rodin smiling or wearing bright colours.

    I like wearing tinted lip balms with a soft lip liner. Her lipstick sounds very appealing for a more polished look.

  4. When I was younger, I was never without lipstick. However, as my mouth aged, I find myself going more for a lighter sheer glossy look. I do like that nude color though……I am going to have to make my way to Barney’s….

  5. I look so much better wearing lipstick but whatever I try , and I mean WHATEVER, brand, method of application, liner first, powdered then lipstick again, I have never found anything that lasts beyond the first drink , or even , sometimes, out of the door! Tried ‘matt’ lipsticks that dry to an ugly rim around my mouth, tints or creamys that give me a lipstick ‘mustache’ within minutes (not a good look) pencils and stains that dry and sting . Shall I just give up ?
    Also don’t have much look with mascara, Panda eyes within an hour or two . Help ?

  6. I SPOKE WITH HER when she just had the OLIO LUSSO……..I was re-ordering and her Home number was on the bottle!What a DELIGHTFUL LADY!I’m off to purchase the lipsticks………did you give me a link??I shall GO INVESTIGATE NOW!
    PS.My computer man arrived last night and it seems ALL my blog subscriptions are in my JUNK FOLDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I stopped using lipstick years ago as I decided I preferred a lighter finish. Also, lipgloss, like the paint, covers cracks better. I like that she has stuck to a narrow colour range. Putting my face on today I did a quick audit on my gloss collection – the colours are broadly similar to the ones above ( no red though) but I’m appalled to find I have acquired about 10 of each, all pretty much the same colours. If I can’t even narrow down my lip colours, no wonder I struggle with clothes!

  8. wondering when they will be available in the uk. You can never have too many lipsticks. I can’t wait to try them all.

  9. I just love lipstick . I’m trying to recreate the Linda Rodin look at home, aided and abetted by my smelly English Setter. Has anyone else looked at the ” Look fabulous forever ” website ? I haven’t bought anything ( yet ) but the tutorials are really very helpful and as a result I’ve resuscitated my make up drawer.

  10. Never got the hang of lipstick, I have very full lips and feel self-conscious, I either wipe it off or eat it off my lips…………..I thought I’d fare better with a light tint, but it never stays the course

  11. Sharon please don’t be self-concious about your lovely lips, you have got what every woman wants and we are all jealous ! I have the opposite problem, very thin lips that nothing stays on for more than minutes, I’m not sure that I believe anything will work but I keep trying.

  12. I love Linda and Winks (her poodle). What a breath of fresh air she is and so inspirational because she’s an older woman with a great sense of style and love of life. I’m crazy about her! I want to try her lipsticks too although I find that for me, bright lips aren’t so flattering anymore – I chose the smokey eye with a lighter lip but I see Linda has one light pink color that I will try.

  13. You have to have the right lips for strong lipcolor, and Linda is fortunate that she does. As I have aged, my lips have become thinner. These colors just don’t work anymore; sadly, they emphasize thinner lips. Not in a good way. Sniff.

  14. I LOVE bright, strong lipsticks, wear them all the time and have done since I was very young (I also remember one I loved at about 14 or 15, pale pale with a silvery sheen which my mother told me looked like zinc cream! I thought I looked amazing!)
    I wonder when/if these lipsticks will be available in Australia?
    Thanks for the great post.

  15. She always looks so amazing, and was my inspiration for growing out the grey! The jumpsuit is beautiful, and if it’s one of her lipsticks that she’s wearing then I’ll definitly be looking for them.

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