Easy Style

— by Alyson Walsh

So, get this. That’s Not My Age has had a virtual wish granted, a Rag & Bone concession has popped up at The Shop at Bluebird. When Anthropologie opened in autumn, I dreamed of the other American brands I’d like to see over here. Behold the Power of the Blog! Now I’ve experienced its supernatural properties, I’ll be using them more often. In fact, I’m going to start right now with electoral reform. Nick Clegg you know what you’ve got to do – step away from the Tories and give Gordon Brown a call. You’ll find him at Number 10.

Anyway, where was I? Oh yes. That’s Not My Age is a big fan of low-key style. Simple, uncomplicated clothes that are easy to wear and effortlessly stylish are right up my strasse. Utility chic is a current obsession – an old khaki jacket from Muji has been doing the rounds recently – and I live in jeans and grey marl t-shirts. Which is why I’m pleased to see the Rag & Bone men, David Neville and Marcus Wainwright, have rocked up on our shores. It’s just a shame their clothes are a bit on the pricey side – I have a pair of trousers purchased in New York (cheaper over there/where the British duo are based), and would like to add to the collection. Make that Blog Wish number two.

That’s Not My Age’s trademark look is casual with a twist. I’ll slip a neatly tailored jacket over the t-shirt and jeans, add a mannish shoe or trainer – heels if it’s a special occasion – and er, that’s it. The problem with pared-down chic is that if you’re not careful, it can end up looking bland, or too boyish. Which is why it’s best to liven things up with a pair of diamanté earrings, an animal print scarf or some other form of embellishment. Bella Freud calls this casual glamour. Which I like. I also like this gorgeous jacket from Isabel Marant. Pure casual glamour:

And while I’m at it, how about this lovely Margaret Howell trouser suit? Perfect for summer but I’ll leave the stripy tee, thank you very much. Got plenty of those already and That’s Not My Age knows that greed is not good.

The queen of casual glamour is Phoebe Philo who has transformed Céline into the grown-up label du jour. Blog Wish number three is the entire S/S 10 collection, no sorry what was that about greed? Make that a pair of camel, bum-flattering trousers:

And the good thing about easy style is that you can find it on the high street. Uniqlo, Gap, Cos and Whistles are all good for simple basics. The key is to carefully select pieces from here and there to go with what you already have. Inexpensive jersey tops work with well-cut trousers, skinny military pants with a killer jacket. Take influence from the catwalk/magazines but don’t go overboard, just add certain elements to your wardrobe to keep yourself looking au courant. And on that note, I’ll leave you with the Goddess of Casual Glamour, the inimitable Jane Birkin, in dungarees!

Catwalk shots:
Phoebe Philo: David Simms
Jane Birkin: Harper’s Bazaar

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So, get this. That’s Not My Age has had a virtual wish granted, a Rag & Bone concession has popped up at The Shop at Bluebird.