Over-50, owning it and on the cover of a magazine

It’s incredibly empowering to see a chic, grey-haired woman on the cover of a magazine. Saar is a Dutch website for women over-50 or what I like to refer to as Generation FAB (Fifty And Beyond). Saar means ‘Sarah’ in Dutch  – apparently in the Netherlands when someone is over-50 they’re ‘seeing Sarah’ or ‘seeing Abraham’. Me neither.Read more

Illamasqua: where beauty has no age limits

Those gorgeous people at British beauty brand Illamasqua have been hard at work finding older models for their new campaign. The Generation Q range celebrates all ages, and launches September 6, with a fabulous selection of adverts featuring the brand’s Beauty Before Age competition winners. One of the campaign’s stars, Evelyn (above & below) was scouted by the IllamasquaRead more

Glad to be grey

Grey hair had a bit of a fashion moment earlier this year when the likes of Tavi, Pixie Geldof and Kate Moss joined the blue rinse brigade . Actually, word on the blogosphere was that Kate Moss had been over doing it with the dry shampoo but that’s another story. And now the fad for young whippersnappers toRead more