What to wear when it’s mild in December

When both the Christmas decorations and the daffodils are out, in December, it’s obvious the seasons are mixed up. And so is my wardrobe. Having said, ‘No to faux’, I’ve introduced some Seasonal Blending. A lightweight jacket or coat over a cashmere sweater, or a big scarf and a silk blouse. The image above is Lily & Lionel , the scarfRead more

It’s Style Forever Day!

  Kay Montano illustration by Leo Greenfield Today is the BIG day. The day Style Forever launches in the UK, and I’m excited, at last. Exhausted, but excited too. As it says on the back cover, this book is for any woman who refuses to be invisible. Women of style and substance like Kay MontanoRead more

How to wear trainers without looking like an overgrown teenager

Jenna Lyons photo: I am Koo Inspired by the post on snazzy sneakers last week, my latest piece for the Guardian explains how to wear trainers without looking too ‘adultolescent’ (new made-up word). Here are some grownup women who do it best. Starting with Jenna Lyons, of course. Neneh Cherry in a standout coat and Stan Smiths. AdidasRead more

Grown-up tomboys: how to dress like a gentlewoman

Hepburn jacket and matching trousers: Atea Oceanie   I’ve dressed like a tomboy since I was a teenager. Now I’m 50 all that’s changed is the name. In my book, Style Forever: the grown-up guide to looking fabulous (out March 2015) I call this Gentlewoman Style. My latest piece for the Guardian HERE explains why beingRead more

The Christmas Cardigan

  Once in an editorial meeting, to prove a point about year-round style, I layered my autumn clothes over a more summery outfit. When it came to discussing what I had in mind for the spring fashion pages (the meeting was around this time of year), I simply unwrapped myself and swapped knee boots forRead more

How to wear black and not look boring

  Add metallics. Photo: Pure Collection Black is always a fail-safe option once the festivities kick in. So, I’ve written a piece about how to wear it and not look bland for the Guardian, HERE . I know from my own experience that I tend to gravitate towards a couple of items in my wardrobe atRead more

Sporty summer sandals

Some people are calling summer’s sporty sandals ‘ugly shoes’ . Not me. I find them quite attractive. This nifty version from Clarks will be going straight onto my Comfy Shoe Pinterest Board . If memory serves, the last time I sported a pair of white sandals was at primary school with my favourite pale pink Little Crimplene Dress (LCD). I loved that dress. TheRead more

Are older models trending?

Jackie O’Shaugnessy aged 62. Older models are in the news and I’m wondering if this is a paradigm shift? Don’t think I’ve ever actually used that phrase before but even David Brent-style management speak can be useful at times. Could fashion brands and magazines finally be realising that we want to see clothes on matureRead more

The perfect grey t-shirt

Emmanuelle Alt keeping it simple. Let’s forget about the flamboyance and fuss of Fashion Week and talk about the essential grey t-shirt. A year-round base layer – as worn under slouchy jumpers and statement jackets by the French fashion elite – that quite happily goes solo in summer. It’s important, non? Isable Marant goes forRead more

That’s not a pair of skinny jeans

That’s me at London Fashion Week doing the cheapskates version of Miu Miu’s double denim . In a recently resuscitated old coat (it’s from a label called CH.IND that I’m not even sure exists anymore) and pair of twenty quid Uniqlo jeans. My favourite leg shape is slim, not too skinny, and that’s about as easy to find a loafRead more