How to do pyjama dressing like a grown-up

There is something quite decadent about pyjama dressing for daytime; think Coco Chanel on the Riviera, Bianca Jagger at Studio 54, me on a sunny day in Shoreditch wearing last year’s H&M. The fabric on this pyjama-style top is crimpelene-y, the print vintage-inspired, it’s more Miuccia-Prada-on-a-budget than elegantly rakish. But, hey. Here’s how to doRead more

Now trending: grey hair, khaki and comfy shoes

‘Seeing older models with modern hair and make–up, looking cool, is amazing,’ Caroline Baker enthused at 50+ Fashion Week. Caroline was fashion editor on the groundbreaking 1960s magazine Nova where she pioneered many looks we take for granted today. This image of model Yasmina Rossi reminds me of her use of army surplus long before seventies hippies andRead more

How to wear a sleeveless jacket or coat

Never stop experimenting, is part of the advice I’ve been giving on my Ageless Style tour . I can’t tell you anymore than that because there are still a couple of gigs to go: Hobbs in Cheltenham next week and then Coffee and Style Solutions at Bath in Fashion . Trying out new things, old things, new combinations of old things, is the onlyRead more

How to wear a pussy bow blouse like a grown up

There I was researching iconic pictures of the pussy bow blouse, when I came across a photo of Harry Styles in Gucci . As I’d rather reference One Direction than Margaret Thatcher, let’s run with it. And anyway, I’ve been looking for a convenient opportunity to tell this story… Rushing across Euston Road towards St Pancras station to catchRead more

Style Forever heading to New York

Something funny happened this morning, I received an email from Amazon suggesting fashion books I might like to buy and there was Style Forever in the subject header (I know, cookies. But allow me…) Mr That’s Not My Age double-checked just to make sure I wasn’t hallucinating. Also on the book list was, ‘The SecretsRead more

Easy autumn style – and another jumpsuit

There I was recovering from the lurgy and thinking that a few days impromptu digital detox was not a bad thing, when this site went down with a bug. I’m not sure what’s more unpleasant, sinusitis or blocked-from-the-blog mania, both make you feel like your head is about to whistle like an old kettle. Anyhow.Read more

Charlotte Rampling shows us how to wear suede

This post comes to you from my sickbed, where, floored by a nasty virus, style has taken a duvet day. Fortunately, Charlotte Rampling has stepped in to provide a last-minute lesson in cool. Over at Paris Fashion Week, Rampling stole the show in a beautiful suede trench coat and sunglasses. Off-the-scale elegance has done me moreRead more

Which Style Tribe are you?

One of my favourite chapters in Style Forever is the one on Grown-up Style Tribes. I’m not sure whether that’s because it’s the last chapter I wrote and I was demob happy, or because I enjoyed writing it so much. I’ve always been interested in tribes and the way people dress, and while grownup style is individual,Read more

More Gentlewoman Style at Margaret Howell spring/summer 2016

Margaret Howell is the one catwalk show, at London Fashion Week, I get out of bed for on a Sunday morning. There are never many surprises but one of my favourite British designers knows how to dress the elegant tomboy, beautifully. For spring/summer 2016, I was pleased to see: the paper bag waist, a flash of redRead more

Hope – the new fashion label for women over-40

I’m just back from a trip to Italy where I was talking about ‘Ageless Style’ at an industry event. One of the guests asked me to suggest some good, grown-up labels and one brand I mentioned immediately was Hope. Designed for women over-40, Hope is a new fashion label available online ( ) and viaRead more